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The Cold Snap

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The Cold Snap - March 13, 2006

The forsythia bushes, pear trees and daffodils were all in bloom. They looked so lovely, giving our yard colorful flowers in a variety of three heights. Then an unexpected cold snap arrived and froze them. I was disappointed, but I knew that other trees, bushes and flowers would bloom soon and restore this great beauty to my life.

I am thankful I can blossom in God's love, and in my work to glorify Him. Sometimes, however, my efforts are snuffed out by something or someone. When this happens I can take comfort in knowing that God will send someone else to complete the work I started. It is very possible God would just use me to be a "seed planter" rather than a waterer, nourisher or harvester. I may not receive recognition, admiration or great praise for my part in His plan, but I take delight in the fact that God has used me where He knew I would be the most effective. The same is true for you; if you do whatever you do to the glory of God, it pleases the Lord. That is what is important!

Contributed by Marion Smith