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The Children of the World

There are many, many children of the world.
Those that we see and those that we hear of.
Not one is more precious then the other.
For each is precious in their own special way.
For God above has make each one.
For the joy they bring Him and us.
Children laugh and sing.
They play and bring a tear to your eye.
For when they have touched your heart and soul,
Children have become the world to you.
For all the children of the world,
There is a whisper, a voice
Saying "Here are MY children. Treat them well and love them as your own".
God has blessed each of us
With the joy of children.
The joy of the children of this world.
So, cheer up.
Smile and laugh.
For the children of the world are at hand.
For the children of the world are our blessings.
For God did send His very son to become like those children.
His son who died for one and all was once a child of the world.