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The Children God Loves

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I am reading over my last post, seeing the struggle of two opposing view points. And i am sorry to start such a ruckus. My posts are only set to make us think.

In this post, understand, that we are not robots. God wants us to think, to grow. Jesus states that He is the foundation. He is the cornerstone. And all that we are is built on Him.

In the old days, the cornerstone was the most important part of the building. And even after building a good portion of a house, if there was any dispute, going back to the cornerstone was the best way to make certain your measurements were spot on.

We need the Word, to be our cornerstone. And everything else will fall into place.

I say this to all of us here. My friends, and those i struggle with : ) . Because even though we may argue a bit, and struggle to perceive where a thought (mostly my thoughts. Lol wander) . We are still built upon His Rock. God's Rock.

God's Peace to all of you. Bill