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The Centre of the Bible: VERY POWERFUL!

Staff Member
The Centre of the Bible: VERY POWER

You will need Power Point Viewer (free)

Click here to download (Windows)

Or online viewer SkyDrive

Then right click this link and select "save target as". Open it in your Power Point viewer. Click right or up arrow to go to the next screen during the presentation.

Don't forget to share this with every soul you know and love!
That center verse should be read and dwelt upon by all followers of Jesus. If people take it seriously then false prophets and deceivers will not be as successful as they currently are in this world.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days
wow Chad, this was awesome! I think it's God's plan to have that in the center. Thanks for sharing it!
Thank you Chad, cool! I hope it was as refreshing to you as it was to me. . . GBU, peeps
Thank you. Very informative...

Thank you Chad,

This was great information! I never considered what was at the center of the Bible. It is so awesome for me to read Psalm 118:8 on this day, because earlier today I was reflecting on some serious bad decisions I made upon following the influence of others. This scripture validated those thoughts. So with this message in mind, I will strive to be steadfast in following the teachings of God and Christ as written in the Holy Scriptures.

As always; thank you for your time, efforts, sacrifice, leadership, and loving care.

Thanks again,

Wow Chad, that was so awesome. I saw some of it on an email long time ago, but not as in depth. That's really awesome. God bless you and everyone else :D
your sis, Tanya
God bless you Chad !

:love: May the LORD bless you and prosper you ! Amen, thankyou for sharing that mystery with us, It is truly another revelation of God's perfect plan. :thumbs_up
i have seen a thing liek this before i believe but i did not view this particular oen so yes sorry but i have a thing that is liek it :):)

Love Simon!!!
im gettin it now... im pretty sure ive seen this b4, an thanx 4 sharin it chad!!

cant believe it took me like this long 2 look @ it!!

Thanks Chad. It was no coincidence that I chose today to look at this. It is just so in line with what God has been saying to me just today. And those pictures were just awesome.
yep, id seen this b4, but i 4got 2 save it!!.. glad i have it again!! thanx mate!
now of days u dont know what is right and wrong one says its right and another says its wrong . Their is so much information around now because of the media. So what should we do. For me I pray before I read a book and ask the Holy spirit to direct me to tell me what is right and wrong . I look at what others may say but I dont always go by what they say because what if they are wrong. I allow the Holy spirit to guide and direct me not people. That is one of the reason the Holy spirit is here for us to guide us in all truth john 16:5-15
Hi I'm Ben and I live in South Africa, but you may call me Phumba. This is my first post but I fought I shoud add this, maybe we could pray for these people.

I've just read a article by a atheist (Robby Berry - http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/robby_berry/index.shtml ) concerning how inaccurate (fictional?) the Bible is and that it's been written by man - maybe I should sent him this.

Thanks Chad it's a interesting find

Phumba :shade: