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The Breath Of Reality

I know that life can sometimes feel as if, this or that can't happen. Or it was just a dream!! But when a dream comes true and faces reality, the next step is really up to God. You know how you have nightmares and you finally wake up from it and you are thankful it was just a dream. I wish that was the case for me with my mother. This is a continual of "My Mother's Story" and "Resurrected Mama". I would like to share some of my feelings and opinions with you. Confessions should be apart of every Christians life. What do I mean when I say Confessions? Basically, every morning you should confess favor, dominion, life, authority, and devotion over your life. So that there will be no violation that comes and that will have victory. Every morning my mother spoke that she shall live and not die, but declare the works of the Lord. We all have a job to do here on earth and being defeated is not of God. But to be Victorious is. My mother conquered death because Christ conquered death. Abundant life is what consist of this walk, but without confessing it over your life with the Word of God, then what is your purpose in mind for yourself. I experience reality as I woke up that morning and found my dearly loved mother lying dead in her bed. Purple and helpless. All I could do was pray and see that this was a violation of the covenant God made with his people. There are keys to the kingdom of God that links to the promise, but if we are not at that level, then what is our purpose in mind. I breathe reality now of days, even though it still feels like a dream. But the covenant is faithful and God is real. Amen.
Staff Member
Thank you for sharing this sister.

Philippians 4:9

The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Thank you for sharing that . Our words are very important . Confession of Gods word mixed with repentence is an unstoppable Spiritual force , and is a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to unlock the chains that bind not only us , but others as we pray . Powerfull , but only because of Jesus Christ Victory over satan , as you have siad . Peace be with you humbled-1 as you continue in the faith of our Lord . :love: :boy_hug: Mike