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The beggar you judged

The beggar you judged

Look and Stop
I’m cold and hungry
You care?

Rush and Push
I’m Lost and Sad
The Last?

Your eyes see that...

I’m the stranger
The beggar
The loser
The lonely
The druggie
The boozer

But I’m Jesus
I feel all the pain
And you walked by me
In judgement again…

Read the "man on the park bench" posted in poetry.its along the same lines as your poem.
Maybe Gods trying to tell us all something. How long have we focused on ourselves and walked past the people that God put in our path.
The song by Steve Curtis Chapman, "What now", on his latestest album says the same.
Think its time we all got off our backsides and started to be Jesus' hands and feet to the people He wants us to reach. "what you did for the least of these you did unto me"
My God Sleepy ! What a great poem . How true it is . Thanks sister for showing us that kind of love and challenging us to walk in it ! :love: :boy_hug: Mike

I am into poetry myself, and that Sleepy was great.

The persona was real, one could really "feel" the poem.

What I like most about it is that it forces you to think and reflect.

When we pass beggars and so on by the wayside do we really stop to think of them as persons?

Do we stop to tell them Jesus saves, bye them food or even give them some clothes?

Powerful, keep up the good work Sleepy!

Keep them coming :thumbs_up