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Thankful For Nature’s Lessons

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If you’re looking for daily moments of transcendence, you may want to head to Instagram and follow @astonomicwonders. On a slow day, its stunning images generate more than 1,200 likes. On many days, double that number. On the best days, triple or quadruple it.

When you look at the best new 2 astronomic wonders captured by NASA, and by an elite group of world-class photographers, it can take your breath away.

The atheist, however shivers, in awe, yes, but also in the perception that Earth is a microscopic speck in a cold and heartless universe that neither knows nor cares about humanity. Brrr.

Conversely, the believer looks beyond what is seen to the One who is unseen. That unseen One both knows and cares about you in ways that stagger the imagination.

From eternity past, the Triune God planned creation, with man and woman as the lead characters in what would become the greatest story ever told.

Unlike the atheist, the believer has no need to fold his arms across his chest and shiver. Instead, the has every reason to lift his arms in praise to his creator, his heavenly Father, his heart’s greatest joy and delight.

Prayer: Lord, transform me. The next time I see the stars, I want to see You and smile in true worship.
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