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Tears Of Love

Slowly Forming, Pressure Builds,
Water Upon My Eyes Begins To Fall
The Heat Of The Sun, The Pounding Of Nails,
Breaking Down The Walls.
The Tears Begin To Slid Down My Face.
Over My Lips, The Blood I Can Taste.
Off My Chin To My Chest, Seaping Into My Heart.
The Things Within Me, Keeping Us So Far Apart.
Fighting To Keep The Rights, To The Gift Given.
I Surrender Knowing, My Sins Were Forgiven.
40 Lashes Would Be Any Mans Death,
A Death Deserved For You And I.
As For Him It Was Only The Beginning,
Of The Most Horrible Way To Die.
Nail Peirced Hands And Hung Out To Dry,
Was A Saviors Love To Shine.
Forgiveness And Mercy Sacrificed In Pain,
On The Cross.
The Wages Of Sin Had Lost.
The Victory Wasn't Over,
The King Rose From The Dead.
A Prince To Claim His Crown.
A Father To Claim His Children.
The Rights To His Kingdom Left To Be Found.
My Tears Of Gratefullness,
To My Savior, Jesus Christ, In His Faithfulness.