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Such beautiful mail

Staff Member
The other day I received mail that informed me of a reply to a post I had been part of here at Talk Jesus...

"I thank Jesus for sending me friends that hv given me encouraging words,
thank u all : lady loves jesus,br.bear,dankamiri,chad,jiggyfly,aksd.
My heart is full of tears for I know that God has loved me soooo much, He send me you all.

Couple weeks before, I hv been drown into hopeless situation, i hv nearly
desperate,i was about to commited suicide,i lock myself in my room and
cried for 4 days.i hide myself from everyone and from Him.....

But God never let His hands go from me, He continuesly calling me...I turned on the radio and a pastor was preaching, i turned on tv and it's
the same topic: 1 ptr 5 verse 7 : "casting all your care upon Him, for He
careth for you".
Where ever i turn, where ever i run, He'll always there...psalms139:7-10.

I gain myself back now, Im ok. I dont want to pity myself. Whatever people said to me, I am worthy in His eyes, nothing will happened to me unless He let it and He has plans for me.

I do believe in tithing, i did, and still try to continue tithing.
Best wishes for all, God bless you all... lita"

this is such a beautiful mail to receive in my inbox.

I am honestly blessed to be able to be part of Talk Jesus.
I look at the header at Talk Jesus, and it reminds me that I am closest to
home there...have a look and see how close Tasmania , Australia is to
'home'....Tasmania is the little island just off the south coast of mainland

So, Chad, thank you for all you are doing in keeping Talk Jesus going. I am
quite sure that I am not alone in thanking God in Christ Jesus the Lord for
Talk Jesus in our lives.

Like all of us, I have my share of rough days and to be able to help someone
in this world is one of the most beautiful parts of being alive.

Thank you brother.

Bless you,

Br. Bear
Staff Member
I read that thread too brother. I was so touch by that response and brought to tears. GOD is truly awesome. There is nothing in this world more joyful than even a split second in the presence of our Holy Father. I thank Jesus for all the members and moderators here for making it an enjoyable body of Christ gathering, an online virtual church per se.

GOD bless you Br.Bear also. You've always showed great humility as a person and great respect for Talk Jesus too. I appreciate that and I know other members here appreciate your Christ-likeness towards others.
Praise our Heavenly Father for all that he does. Although I'm new in this fellowship, I can't enjoy it better!!! Thank you all who hold this website togehter!!! I'm already feeling the love! hee hee