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Student Project needs Missionary feedback

I am currently a Computer Science student at Neumont University in Salt Lake City Utah. Right now, to get real world experience, we are developing an application that we believe would be helpful in your field. We (the students) have designed this ourselves and would like feedback from missionaries regarding their level of interest. Please take a look and let us know what you think. This is an application that will, in a scrapbook-like way, allow users (one of our focus groups is missionaries) to record any single event/person/place with photos, music, maps, stories, and videos. While on your Mission you may record and store, and easily distribute your entire experience with this application.
Some of our established goals for the application are:

• To provide new and innovative ways for current practitioners to collaborate, publish, analyze and perform research
• To attract and unite a wide range of users including: Missionaries, Preteens, teens, adults, and elderly, those with limited or no genealogical backgrounds, as well as those who are experienced in genealogy.
• To create a Community that serves as the focal point for the user engagement and interactions with the projects produced by Northface students
• To incorporate additional dimensions into views of people, places and events (time and resources) (PRESTO)
• To connect people and their information

So, if this sounds interesting, please reply with your answers/views/feedback.

1. Would you be interested in using an application that would allow you to connect persons, places, and events, together in an interactive fashion which could then be turned into a DVD or CD record of life?

2. Do you feel that it would be useful to your field to be able to edit, organize, and link video, audio, text, images, maps, and possibly family trees to people/places/events in one application?

3. How would you envision this program?

4. Is there any advice that you would like to provide us that would be helpful?

Thanks for any help you can provide our class, hopefully we have conceived a project that could be useful. Any feedback would be great. Thanks for your time as well.
Thats a good one Soldier . lol . I haven't seen a Burgeon Institute advertisment in a while . Maybe after the blog is built . My son can build a blog in 1 hour , but with all the charity work and such . Coming soon . :shade: Mike