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St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Orlando FL

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I have been going to St. Luke's for almost 3 years now. There are some really good people there. I took a class called Alpha. The class teaches you about Jesus Christ. It's like a 10 week course. I some times volunteer when they have supper for people who take the class. I help set up things.
That is so awesome Jeff! We have an Alpha course at our church and it is widely attended by people outside our church. I hear such good things about it. They started a Beta Course as well to follow up after Alpha.
Hey, Jeff! What a blessing to serve others, thank you for sharing your testimony! Your brothers and sisters and I all enjoy fellowship with you at Live Chat!

Your brother in Christ Jesus!
Thanks For You're Testimony . I Am Looking Foreward To Hear About All The Lord Will Do For You . It Takes Courage To Be A Christian And I Am Glad That You're My Brother In The Lord . Big-brother

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