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Spontaneous Baptism today!

Formerly Adiaglow
Today was the last day of the series my church has been donig called "Thread". How to connect the fabric of our lives to experience the fullness of Jesus. What an ending. Our pastor, Ed Young, came out on the stage drenched, drying himself off with a beach towel. The main point of todays message was that in order to complete out dedication to Christ, we are to be baptised. It is commanded of us. Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River, immersed. Dunked. It's telling everyone that you are on Christs team. And if you wait to do it, you are just holding yourself back.
He then said they would be doing a baptism today for anyone who was ready to give their life to Jesus and make that statement. Made sure to tell everyone else not to leave early, for it may stop someone from making a very important decision. Normally the baptisms are scheduled, not a spur of the moment thing, and they did it last night too.
Then the most wonderful thing happened. About 150 people lined themselves up on the left hand side of the center to sign up to get baptised. They just kept coming. I had quite a few moments where I thought I would start sobbing out of pure joy and amazement. God was working. It was an amazing sight. The entire worship center broke into applause a couple of times for these people who felt the spirit of God working through them, nudging them to take this step. And it was a gorgeous, clear day outside, the perfect day to start a new life. To have Jesus wash away your sins.
Thank you so much for sharing that with us ! You are very important to talkjesus . That was a very inspiring story and I am glad you let us know about it . Brother :love: :boy_hug:
Hi adiglow :)

Good to see you again. Sounds like the Lord is continuing to really move in your church!! Thats so great to be in a church that is on fire for Jesus !!