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Spiritual tool specifics

As a Christian we often just know in our knower that Jesus is alive as we experience Him.

Historians cannot deny that Jesus existed and by the logic of the process of elimination and apologetics (He was either bad, sad or divine), we can say He was and is the true divine son of God.

The devil tried to twist scripture when tempting Jesus and Jesus said the right scripture back.

The enemy may try and tempt you and accuse by using twisted and misused scripture. We have to use the sword of the Spirit then as is written in Ephesians 6. Learning your verses is vital for this as just like Jesus (but to a lesser degree), we can use a verse (the sword of the Spirit) to repel the enemies lies.

The main point I am making here is about using the sword of the Spirit skillfully with prior knowledge of the Word.

If you live alone in lockdown and get a mind battering from the enemy then this post is useful.

Dont be afraid. 1 Corinthians 10:13 is about not being tempted beyond what you can manage.

Hopefully this post has given you a head start if you ever need to use this spiritual tool.


Oops, think I already posted this, but its useful if you live alone so its up again.

Friends is a massive way to look after yourself. Some people find that hard sometimes though. I know that having friends helps me a lot.

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