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I'll be joining as my real self soon, maybe? Maybe not? But please do question everything and everyone. Question even your God. If he is so much bigger and better than us then he'll have no problem answering a few questions. Use your brain not The Book.

Your sister in logic and reality.

Later peeps. It was fun.
Before I go I challenge you all. Think. Question. Research. Seek. Really want the truth. Be prepared for the truth. Reality will blow your mind.
With respect. Good bye.
Do you really think you fool everyone or are you foolish and fooling yourself? Nice try but not a sincere good bye.
I read what you have written. I found out that you are sad so much for what you did.i say you that all of us make mistake.one more and one less.but it is important that we understand and accept our mistake.it is nice so much for you that you feel ashamed.i request you say prayer and ask God to help you correct your bad behaviour.and never forget God is more kind than what we think.