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Soccer Practice Problem

HI yo'll,

before i start i just got to tell you that i'm not racism against anyone's race.

There are this new people on my street that just moved in last year. & they are African American just to let you know cause its important later on.
& i was practicing my soccer to get my soccer skills back . So i was practicing outside & the new people were outside & playing with the other kids on the street palying basketball. So they have 3 kids = 1 girl that goes to high school 2 boys = 1 goes to high school & the other one goes to middle school.

So back to the story She was talking to her friends on the street where i live in her driveway they were siting in a circle just talking while i was practicing when the girl said "I like your hair" & i said " thanks" then she walk away from her friends that she was talking in a circle & she walked to the middle of the street & asked " can i play with you? " I though about it & i said " no, cause i'm practicing for soccer". So i went on back to practice & i heard her say " maybe its my color, This who American are." I was shocked! That was about a week ago. Then just last night i went go to practice cause i don't practice for a long time. Once i got outside i saw my Mom talking to the new people from our driveway. So i went in the grass & started to practice my flield goal kicking & this(African American) lady who lives next to the new people came up to me & said " how are you? " & I said " ok" then she asked "can i play with you?" & I said " no i'm practicing" then she asked '' can i help you practice? " & I said '' no cause i'm just going to do a few field goal kicks then i'm going in cause its going to turn into night soon. I guess that girl that just moved in told her about it.

I'm afraid everytime i go out to practice this will always happen. What should i do?
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If you think you hurt their feelings, I would go to them and apologize and tell them you didn't mean to offend them. You all might turn into good friends.

Be blessed,