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so thought I'd write in here and introduce myself :)

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by nicolek, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Hi anyone who is reading this.

    I am from British Columbia Canada. I live at the south tip of a beautiful island and I absolutely love it here! I have been away at school for 4 years so it is really nice to finally be back home (as of last september). I am a teacher. This year I work as a Learning Assistance teacher and I help kids with Learning Disabilities, but I really hope to one day get a job as an elementary teacher. I am married to a truley wonderful man. He puts up with a lot because I am a big pain in the butt! But we have a lot of fun together...we are best friends. I have always believed in God and I went to church as a child. I was baptised as a baby in the united church and later did my first communion/confimation in the catholic church. I went to the Christian University (called Trinity Western) for a year and I saw how totally different Christianity could be than what I saw as a child. Wow I was in shock. I saw students singing, clapping, dancing, and really really passionate. They new everything about Christianity...but it really showed how I didn't know much. It was a year of struggles for me. I had some really good Christian friends who dragged me to church once in a while and tried to wake me up for daily chappel, but something in me resisted every step of the way. After that year I could no longer afford to go there so I went to another school (public) and finished post secondary education. My husband and I don't go to church (except for holidays with my family), but we both believe in God. We took an Alpha course last year which was interesting and we learned a lot. I am here to learn more. It is hard because I feel all these feelings at are wrong when I come here sometimes. I start to question it all, I look at it as a cult...but I dont want to think like that. My mind is so mathematical I always need proofs and so it is hard sometimes. It is hard because I understand the first step has to be a leap of faith and I dont know how you get the faith to start with! I have asked God into my heart many times. Each timme I hope to feel something but I never did. But I think theroetically I must be saved because I did what you are supposed to do right? I don't know! Anyhow I love it here and I think it's a great website. I like chatting with people while I am at work (helps pass the time when there are no kids in my room) and the conversations are always interesting! I spend a lot of time sitting and listening :)

    Anyhow my hand is getting tired so I will post this :) hope to talk to you soon!
  2. Once again very nice to met you ;) I am a mom of three. Married for almost 11 yrs. a christian for just over a year. I understand what you mean about thinking that things are like a "cult" but let me tell you this place is far from it! See the devil will feed ya all sorts of lies to keep ya so dont let that happen. Would it be ok if I ask you a few questions? Like do you read your bible everyday? Do you pray everyday? and by praying it is no tto be just for what you want! Just talking to God and really listening. Well I jope to hear from you soon . God Bless
  3. hi nicolet,
    My hubby is an engineer so his mind is always questioning looking for imprections. He is grounded in his faith though. We are not a cult, but we know there is more to this life than here and now, that there is an after life and we want to be prepared. Maybe looking to reading some books by RC Sproll, John McArthur, John Stott, great theologians and will help you ground your faith.
    God bless you sister.
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    Jesus loves you.



    Please read the thread titled Simple steps to salvation, under the salvation link, Get Saved Now, Talk Jesus homepage.

    You may visit my Talk Jesus journal (burgeon's journal) or PM feedback. You may also click on my signature below and visit my web site.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Dr. Aly Bon Vie
  5. Nicole,
    I am so glad you are here! You seem like a wonderful easygoing person. Continue to come here and fellowship with us! We are just normal people of all walks of life that have our faith in Jesus Christ in common. God wants you, and that is why he will not leave your heart alone! Well, I am glad you are here and will be in prayer for you. Welcome!!
  6. Hey Nicole, welcome once again, hehe, I keep wondering if i should introduce myself to everyone, but then, everyone already knows me, or a lot of people anyway, hehe, but yes, Welcome to talk Jesus, hope to talk again soon. God bless, bye
  7. Hi Nicole,
    I am so glad that you are here, God is working in your life, and he knows your innermost needs and desires, if you pray to him, he will hear you! He has lead you here, to these forums for a reason, and I hope that through them you will be able to strengthen your faith and put all your trust in God and find true peace. God loves you and wants you to be saved, he will make his pressence known to you when the time is right. Feel free to ask anyone here any questions, we are always willing to help out!
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    Jesus loves you.


    Thanks for the PM about reading the Simple Steps to Salvation. After you have thought about them please give me feedback. You can click on my signature and then click on e-mail in my web site.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Dr. Bon Vie
  9. thanks for the welcome!

    Thank you all for your kind words and encouraging welcome! I really do love it on here...everyone is so nice! But I am finding I am addicted to this website...I am supposed to be writing my report cards right now!!!

    Thank you all :)
  10. Nicole, yay! we got another addict. Praise the Lord. I think we're all addicted. amen!
    God bless you, Tanya
  11. Your not addicted to this web site, you are seeking Jesus Christ. You keep coming back because your spirit wants to know the Lord. We are not a cult, when you get to know us, we come from all different denominations and walks of life. We don't always agree on everything here, but we all agree Jesus is Lord. And we all give him the glory that he is worthy of. I think even though you and your husband don't go to church, you need to find a bible and start to read it every day. Get to know Jesus in a personal way. He is the truth, the light and the way. Everyone here is more than willing to share Jesus with you and to answer any question you may have. You can pm me anytime. I was raised catholic and I was 26 when I gave my life to Jesus Christ. In just a few short weeks it will be 21 years since that night and i have never regretted one minute of my walk with Jesus Christ.

    Your sister in Christ,
    AlabasterBox :girl:

  12. Good response to Nicolek, AlabasterBox. Your post has the breath and inspiration of the Holy Ghost
  13. oops sorry, i guess addicted wasn't the right word, but isn't it ok to be addicted to Jesus? :)
  14. I sure hope so because I am. The dictionary says it is the condition of being enslaved to something.
  15. ok, so i guess saying addicted to talkJesus wasn't right, but to Jesus is. God bless :)

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