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Smartphone Apps for Health

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descriptions taken from review sites


It is a feature packed workout planner that will help you create and tailor exercise routines based on your goals, and then track your progress day by day. It offers one of the largest exercise databases that I’ve ever seen – over 500 different exercises, each with detailed instructions and information outlining which muscle groups the exercise will target. It comes with a great set of predefined routines that are tailored for specific targets (Such as bulk, cut, shoulders, chest, legs etc). It also has a ton of other functionality such as a BMI calculator and 1RM (Rep Max) system. In short – You need this application!


The app store is brimming with apps designed to record and monitor your route, speed, pace and heart rate whilst running. I have tried them all, and whilst most of them do a good job at one or two functions, Runkeeper is only one to get everything right. First and foremost it has a clean and simple layout, making getting started quick and easy. On a single screen you can view your speed (Using your phone’s built in GPS), route and heart rate (using a supported heart rate monitor). You can then upload your progress and route directly to Facebook.

Charity Mile

A woman can only bake so many brownies for school bake sales, so run away — for an equally good cause. Charity Miles donates 10 cents per mile for bikers and 25 cents per mile for runners to the charity of your choice. Once you choose an organization, the app automatically tracks the distance you cover, and does all the work. Charity Miles, free,


Take a break from liking and commenting on your friends' vacation photos, and send them affirmations on Fitocracy. A fitness social network that tracks your progress with points, badges and graphs, the platform allows users to record thousands of activities — from dancing at a party to taking the stairs — and connect with others who have similar fitness goals. You can join community groups that answer health questions, invite your friends and pick up followers as well — think of it as a mini support system on the go. Portable access could be the difference between stopping when you're full, and chowing down on the cake in the Starbucks dessert display.

Fitness Trainer

Don't know where to start? Let your coach help you — virtually. Fitness Trainer automatically creates workout routines based on your body weight and offers exercises that can be done both at and outside of the gym as. Three mediums of instruction — audio, video and graphics — make the moves easy to follow


Have your husband take your bikes out of the garage, and plan a family fitness day. Strava finds the best running and cycling routes, introducing you to hidden sites nearby, and the best options when you're out of town. Compete against locals and even participate in sponsored fitness challenges for the opportunity to win prizes like North Face jackets and collectible honor badges.


How many times have you uttered, "that sounds great...if only I had the energy?" Make taking a dance class or weekly volunteering possible with Juice, an app that puts the pep in your step by recording your energy, sleep and exercise levels and posting it on a virtual juice bottle. Weekly reports help you recognize activities optimal for your energy state and list ways to improve your energy level, like replacing the morning cheese Danish with a yogurt parfait.

Nike Training Club

Featuring a host of trainers and more than 100 workouts, Nike Training Club tracks your progress and grants you hardcore moves like arm toners, full-range sit-ups and a Roman rotator, where you rotate your elbows at shoulder height, from the likes of Olympic soccer star Hope Solo and Ary Nunez, Rihanna's trainer. Now, you can be a diamond in the sky, too.

Baby Health

Honest Baby

From the company that strives to delight and make life easier for busy, modern parents comes the newest addition to The Honest Company—the HonestBaby app.

HonestBaby will help parents:

- Chart their children’s daily activities and development.
- Track feeding, diaper changes, sleep, growth, and doctor visits.
- Add honestly special moments before you forget.