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I've been a single mom going on 11 years now. Although I know and realize Jesus is my husband and provider, as well as the father to my children, I'm becoming weary. Will you all pray for my and my two beautiful children?
Californian Christian,
Absolutly!! I am not a single parent. I am married to a great guy, who was a single parent for about as long as you. I do not know from first hand experience how tough it is. He has shared with me many examples about how tough it is to raise two girls. I married him when the girls were 13 and 15. Now they are 16 and 18.

Dear Lord,
I pray for this dear person. Give her the strength it takes to raise children. Lord please protect her kids and help her to teach her kids about you. Father I"m not all sure what to pray about, but you know this families needs. Give this woman strength to serve you by raising her kids in a way that you would want her to. Lord, Its not easy being any kind of parent. It is a hard job, but a wonderful one at the same time.
In your name,
I was a single parent at the age of 18. I now have 3 children and I have only been married 1 year. It is hard ,sometimes I would just sit and cry and feel sorry for myself. I will pray that God will comfort you and guide you through life's trials. In Christ Natashia :love:
Thank you so much Danni. It is awesome how the Lord provides us with brothers and sisters to uplift and encourage us. Thank you for sharing about your husbands struggles he faces as a single dad. May God bless your family abundantly!
May the strenght of the Lord refill you, like he did in my times of weakness! Isaiah 40, 31:
but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

I prayed this in a hard time, I worked in the deep forrest in the mountains, as I can't walk on any longer! He gave me the strenght back! I lost in 4 month 15 kg weight, but he did carry me on! Some times are hard, to go back to the Lord, he wants us to beg him and he will give! He loves to help and make us glad again! He surely will help you!


calichristian said:
I've been a single mom going on 11 years now. Although I know and realize Jesus is my husband and provider, as well as the father to my children, I'm becoming weary. Will you all pray for my and my two beautiful children?
Father in heaven - give our sister the strength she needs to carry her burden. If it be your Holy Will Lord Bless her with the loving companionship she needs so desperately to fulfill her life. Jesus Lord hear our prayer as we lift our sister up before you this day. Amen.
I pray that your church community will embrace you and protect you. God bless you love. Riverdeep.:)
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I was a single mother of 3 children, and fully understand how your feeling, I will lift both you and your children up in my prayers.
CaliChristian, I will pray for you and I ask that you pray for me in return> I am also a single mother as the name implies. I met the father of my children when I was unsaved and we both drank and partied together. When I found out I was expecting God became a BIG part of my life. I know the ups and down and thank God for all He has done, He's brought us this far.
Gods Favor to all the single moms who need Gods strength to raise the Children . I will pray for you . Be blessed and have all peace through Jesus Christ . The Father hears your prayers . :love: Mike
I too have recently become a simgle mom of 2 beautiful children. I will keep you in my prayers. Its very important to focus on the solution! Which is Jesus Christ!

I too will join in prayer. God Bless you
I know the feeling, im a single mother too. My son is one. I will pray for you. I know its hard, truste me i know. I still cry about it at times. But its true what the bible say, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning! Keep the faith loved one! I will pray for you.:love::love::love: