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she always puts me first...

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rhymarhyma, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. How many dismal funerals...more than I can count
    but even casket counting has a limited amount
    How many shall I attend as the shovels close the door
    Regardless of the number, there will always be one more
    Dressed in Sunday's best as they roll my final stone
    for we all have reservations when the funeral's our own...

    Teardrops on a headstone, yo...there I go again
    "What in the world is wrong with you?!"...where do I begin
    Dancing among the graves as I'm frolicking in death
    Wails echo softly after laughter on my breath
    A madman, sadly, finds some joyous times in sleep
    for many happy recollections are now six...feet...deep...
    The reflection on the marker mirrors moisture in my eyes
    Whispering dead goodbyes of alibis and lullabies
    Leaving wreaths on the doorstep where the flowers used to grow
    'cause God chose to close that rose a long time ago
    Now my memories are bleeding from the thorns that pierce my mind
    I remember that she loved me when she left me far behind
    A votive candlebox now filled with rocks becomes the key
    for it unlocks the shackles living deep inside of me
    The chains and the rains as the pains begin to scream
    My head tossing on my pillow, weeping willow, see my dream
    Fragmented pieces of her own pain now at peace
    My heartbeat increases, decreases, my spirit wants release
    I reach my hand out, about to touch her fingertips
    only to awaken, shaken, her name taken from my lips
    Instead I feel her finger gently shushing all my screams
    "Mikey, look're already living all your dreams..."

    My mother was always at her best when I was at my worst
    and even deep in sleep...she always puts me first...
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  2. That is so powerful and poignant.
    So deeply emotional.

    Thank you for sharing @rhymarhyma

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