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Set Free

Staff Member
Set Free

- August 03, 2005

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

The wings of a female mosquito whined toward Leonard Lowe's skin. She pierced her needle-like mouthpiece through layers of his cells and injected an encephalitis virus that attacks the human brain. An epidemic in the 1920s plunged children like Leonard into a lifelong semicomatose state. Forty years latter, Dr. Oliver Sacks found a way to awaken them for a time. Released from his fog, Leonard let his arms float outward as he spun in dizzying circles laughing and singing. Leonard was free.

Satan's bite seeks to inject us with the virus of despair. He whines into our ears, "Your life stinks. It is all toil, weariness, and bitterness. There is no one to care or help. You are all alone in this flat, grey wasteland called existence. The least painful course is to keep your heart fast asleep."

Dr. Jesus desperately works to awaken us to buoyant life. He wills us out of the daze of despair. He shakes our minds into activity around the truth that slaps down Satan's lies. We do have One who passionately loves us. We have promises that are chiseled into the rock of paradise. We have all we need for life and godliness served on a silver platter. Untold riches are in our account at the Bank of Permanent. And when our Forever Lover rides in on the clouds, all of this will be ours. In the meantime, He sends us postcards from heaven to let us know how wonderful it is there and how much we are missed.

The postcards from Jesus are periwinkle skies, laughter, rainbows, children, orchids, hot tea, music, rain showers, oceans, friends, seasons, stars, song birds, a baby's skin, and mountain air so spiced that it startles the lungs. These are tangible but still, they are flat cardboard facsimiles of the spiritual realities waiting in heaven. Knowing they are from Jesus, and knowing their intended message, makes enjoying them all the more fun. They reveal enough truth to wake us from Satan's stupor and set us free.

Contributed by Don Goulding: dongoulding@sbcglobal.net Don is a Pastor in Aurburn, CA., a Missionary to Africa and a graduate of Hope University.