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Serious prayer request

Staff Member
I have been speaking to anonymous person on chat today who has trouble getting through and to the Lord (right now, the Lord is seriously working through me to help her). She has practiced witchcraft, satanism and the whole nine year. She also as psoriasis.

Please pray for her immediately that the Lord will forigve her and fill her with the Holy Spirit, and protect her with His heavenly angels.
A prayer for Chad

Dear FATHER God I come to you in be hafe of Chad , Father ,Chad is asking prayer for this anonymous person, Lord you know who this person is and I ask you now to touch this person with your mighty power that they will be saved, and delvered from the power of darkness that satins hand is broken from their life.. Father, I lift Chad up to you now. Iask you Father to hold Chad close to you now let him feel your mighty power and love flowing through him AND IT BE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND YOUR WISDOM WORKING THROUGH HIM AS HE MINISTERS TO THIS PERSON. Father i ask for forgivenes for anything in me that would cause this prayer not to be ans. By Faith in you my Lord Jesus i pray.