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Serious pprayer request

A man in my church, named Bill, became ill on Sunday. As of Wed PM, they did not yet know the cause. He has some bleeding to the skin, and out of his nose, and other places that I do not remember for sure, he has swelling in all or most of his body. His kidneys shut down and he has been put on dialysis.
Unless there is a miracle, he probably will not survive this. I have no news about him today.
He is 69 years old. His wife is partially disabled, and depends on him for a lot of things. She will have a very hard time without him, if he does not recover.
Please pray for Bill and his wife Carolyn.
Thank you,
God, please bring your perfect healing power into Bill's body and send out all disease and weakness. Let this infirmity be defeated that it shall be for a witness to your mighty work. By Jesus stripes, we claim a cure and restoration. Give strength, peace, and your healing touch to Carolyn. Bring them great measures of your comfort to take them through this trial. With praise for Your loving protection, by the sufferings of our Savior Jesus. Amen
Thank you to those who are praying. As of Fri PM, Bill has improved.
Tey got results from cultures on Thursdauy, and are treating him for what is wrong. It is TTP for short. 80 - 90% survival rate.
Carolyn has loving family with her for support.
Bill can still use lots of prayer.
I got another request from Carolyn's sister, who asked me to post it....
A friend of hers, Nona Leevey, is in the hospital with a possible blood clot.

Thanks again,
Update on Bill.
He has been lucid, and making decisions.
He will probably not survive.
He is basically being kept alive by a dialysis machine, and his extremities (fingers and toes) are begining to die.
He has decided that after he spends Christmas with his family, that he will have the dialysis machine turned off. After that he will probably begin dieing from his blood not being cleaned.
This is sad, but Bill has a clear testimony of salvation & is looking forward to going to be with the Lord.
Please continue prayer for him & his wife & family.

Bill passed away around 5 PM Central time (US).
Please continue prayer for his wife, Carolyn and the family as they deal with his death and all the arrangements.
Bill had a clear testimony of salvation, and was ready to meet the Lord, but this is still a difficult time for the family.
Thanks for your prayers.
Toklatkate, God bless your heart, and thank you for testimony of Bill's salvation.

I continue in prayer for Carolyn and family.
God Please bring comfort to his wife and that she will no that bill whent to heaven to be with you, and he is there right now God, sitting with you and worshiping, and that she will be comforted because of that, and that she will reunite with him when the time comes, to be with you and her husband.


Prayers for Carolyn

Dear Jesus, may you hold and keep our Christian brother Bill in your arms, now that he is with You. :love: Please, Lord, bring your love and comfort into his beloved wife Carolyn's heart, fill her with the knowledge that her husband is not in pain, but in peace. Help her get through these days without him, strengthen her, in your Word, your promises, help her to be strong in you, dear Lord. :unlove: Let her friends gather around her, hold her up, help her to find happiness again with time, and hold her fast until then, sweet Lord!


Your friend in Christ, :love:
CaliFlower :rose:

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