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seeking godly advice here!!

Hi all!

I got an e-mail today from a woman I am in contact with. She struggles badly with her 10-12 year old boy. She says she hates herself as a mother, and she expresses that she will ruin his life. He knows exactly what buttons to press. Her son is quite different with his dad. His dad is dealing with winter-depression now and is very dark. They have to tip-toe at home these days because of his irritability. She tells me that this boy is afraid of his father.

The other day one of her other boys ran with a knife inside the house. She stopped the boy and the result was a scratch or rip. They had to take him to hospital.

This is a christian family. The mother wants her family to come closer to the Lord. I can tell that she also was in opposition to her mother in her youth.

The letter closes with: It`best that I am going to hang myself ...then he will get another mother...that is the reason why you will never hear from me again.
A couple of thoughts run through my mind when I read this Andreas. One is I am angry that this woman is so selfish that she would consider killing herself to make life better for her son. God has given her a responsiblity by giving her children (Luke 12:48). My second thought is that she doesn't get it about being a Christian and what it is about. She needs to be in counselling. She needs the truth of the bible. Prov. 1:2-5
I would venture to say the boys are not disciplined as how could one run through the house with a knife? She needs to learn how to raise her boys.
This are just my thoughts on this matter I would suggest you give her scriptures and ask her to read through Proverbs.
God bless Andreas in your work.
hey there Andreas. . . I pray that God will enrichen you too to witness and be able to guide this situation :love:
May God fill you with his Holy Spirit to be patient, wise, loving, caring and strong enough for the both of you
Keep us informed if you have news please :love: peeps