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Satan, enemy of humanity since the garden, thinks it hilarious humanity mirrors his work here on earth

Revelation 12:9-11 As is written, the "accuser" of humanity/humans before God accuses us day and night. Should we humans submit to and adopt his influence in judging and condeming others, here on this planet, rather than the one we know best: ourselves? In so doing, we provide him/Satan more grounds for his accusal of us and permit more judgement and condemnation among us in this world. It is our judgement and condemnation of others that keeps us in the bondage that Jesus, in His love for us, died to set us free from. Whatever humans say or think, the enemy of humanity has plenty of ammunition to accuse all of us mere humans, before The Holy One of Israel, that he needs for the condemnation of our disobedience and violations of the law, whether we humans fully understand the degree and extent to which we are held before the Holy being that is called God or not. In informed judgement of ourselves we are all beholden to our God/Jesus who overcame this world and who lives to make intersession for us and who stands as advocate/lawyer, opposing our enemy's accusations of us, for us who do fully understand our shortcomings before Him and the law/10 commandments.