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Sabbath and the 8th day & New Friends

Today is the Sabbath of the tanak.I pretty much have made this my mentally relax but get things done day.I look for chores that are like Icing a cake. Tomorow is the 8th day.* in hebrew it has the same consonants as oil.it is also the day of circumcision.Id like to thank all of the board members especially the ones who are in dire need of prayer I appreciate the opportunity to help and pray for you..It will take me some time to For me to get organized and be able to get back to everyone I have made contact with.Shabat Shalom With Jesus On top.Yours truly Christan
Do not concern yourself with an answer to my PM's and sorry for too many! I got a little excited as your PM to me was my first, sorry. Well, a little more organized huh?
On topic - I have to work both saturday and sunday as a job requirement, unless needed to fill in I do get 2 days off so I reserve one day to just do as little as nothing as possible. Sabbath is a new concept to me and that is a way I came up in this 24/7 society to apply it. That rest feels so good I then want every day to be sabbath!
Amen to that brother.Sabbath day is a commandment from God and in Isaiah 58:13, there's the blessing of Sabbath.Here in our church in the Phils., we celebrate Sabbath the day of rest from 6 pm sat. to 6 pm sunday.We're not watching any T.V. but prepare on sunday's sunday school and praise and worship service and the study of the Word of God.We switch on our T.V.'s after 6 pm sunday.Actuly, to those who can, do no work nor transact any business on Sabbath.If you can't, God do understands and if you pray so you can obey, God will make a way.peace is with us. God bless us.