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Robbery of purse

Ok; I was coming home from work at 12:45am and this guy my fiance knows named "RAY" robbed me when I was walking towards my house and he was going towards the way I was coming home so he grabbed my purse off my shoulder and guess what my strap fell off and my purse fell on the ground so he grabbed it and ran off with it how are you going to come back and give it to me than he still ran off with it and luckily my phone and my knife fell out and my pictures of me and my best friend on my keychain with my pathmark card but what ***** was all my identification is in there; my gold chain with Diana on it and my G gold ring so guess what this was turned in at 2AM and the same afternoon at 2:30PM he got locked up so that was good but who knows where he put the purse though. So we have to go to court next week so I am writing this to let you know I need some prayers so this guy can stay in there for a long time and plus he is assaulted me that night. He was dumb enough to come out of the house where me and my fiance was talking to his friends and he was like what's wrong Bry? He didn't answer and my fiance went into the chinese store and that is when "RAY" followed him! So I can run and call the cops. Also this dude does "ROCKS, CRACK, DOPE AND SHOTS NEEDLES" also he stole his friends bike too. :love: I know God doesn't like ugly and I never did anything to him to make him want to rob me. Also I didn't have any money in there. Also I was all by myself when all this happened that night with no help and luckily I didn't get raped, shot or killed. I didn't run after him because like I said I was by myself and than when he left there was this lady let me call my fiance to come get me so he can go to the police station with me. Also there was a black boy on his bike that knows "RAY" he rode up to him and saw him throw the purse under cars but the boy didn't find it it was dark outside. Also my fiances aunt saw the whole thing and the funniest thing is how are you going to wear the same clothes you robbed me in? "White shirt and black dickies"
Staff Member
Sorry to hear that sister. I'm glad your doing better. What a fool this man is ???

I will pray for you. Please remember we should also pray for our enemies as Jesus taught us no matter how hard it is.

Matthew 5:43-44

43"You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.' 44But I tell you: Love your enemies[b] and pray for those who persecute you,
Yeah you are right

I did pray that we would get him locked up for taking my purse and look he is in jail serving time for doing something to an incent young lady like me and god don't like ugly from mean people. So you are right pray for your enemies and still love them
I won the Ray's money from the robbery!

I went to court a couple months ago and he gave me an apology for taking my purse; he was on something (drugs) that night he took it so that's whats up. I am getting money orders in the mail from him for him taking my purse on the night I was getting off work. He aplogized to my fiance Brian too. So he will be in jail for more than 2 years for what he did. Thank you Jesus for that too! Thank you for your prayers on that too!