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rice salad with a twist

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I make this rice salad as my hubby is allergic to mayo (all variants)

2 cups rice (uncooked)
1 punnet mushrooms (sliced/diced - to your liking)
5 onions (diced - not too fine)
2 peppers (green, yellow, red - choose which like - can be mixed)
bacon (250g) 1 packet
freshly ground black pepper
parsley (fresh or dried)
4 tomotoes diced (optional)
6 boiled eggs (diced when done)

Cook rice till soft

Fry onions, peppers, mushrooms and bacon together (do not add fat/oil/butter/margerine - bacon got enough - and mushrooms got enough liquids)

Add fried mushrooms, bacon, onions, diced egg, peppers, and tomotoes into rice. Mix well.

Add salt, pepper and parsley to taste.

I prefer not to use tomotoes cause then you cant keep it for the next day.

Serve salad hot or cold.
that looks awesome i have been looking for a good rice salad! Do you know any which have tuna in them? I like tuna and they say u always need to eat more fish. But being a guy i suck with experimenting in the kitchen so if anyone could help i would be grateful.

But i think i will try this salad next week Fearnot thanks again for sharing! :)
Hi appius

Unfortunately I dont know any rice salad with Tuna in it - just the ol pasta salads. I am not really a starch person so well lets see.

shell pasta (1 pound) cooked, drained and rinsed.

Add tuna (flaked) water or oil base - your choice.

Then add Mayo to it

Add some chopped tomotoes, green peppers.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

I got some more tuna recipies somewhere in a box, yet its Tuna bakes etc.