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Requesting prayer

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Lyndle, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Friends,

    My son and his wife just found out a week ago they are expecting a baby. This
    passed week symptoms of miscarriage have appeared, but is not conclusive.
    They go in on Tuesday to check the situation again.

    Back in February, they lost a baby in stillbirth... less than 2 weeks before her
    due date.

    As God leads, please speak life over this child... who is very wanted.
  2. Praying Sister!
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  3. I pray for this couple Lord, that you may bless the child of it's mother's womb, that you grant it life and life to the fullest, that you will remember this one, and blow your breath of life through its nostrils. Give hope, restoration, peace and second chance to this couple and their family. Each soul belongs to you Jesus, and we pray for your hand, your right hand to be on this family and that whatever complication seems to arise, Jesus no, you have chosen to see this one will have life. What a blessing are children, for even when you were in the flesh Jesus, you spoke and played with them; great king, in your name all things are possible, and only through your sanctioning can life be. We pray for your hand to be on this, thank you, all glory, honour and exaltation to you mighty one, thank you, thank you, thank you. Jesus...
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  4. Prayers!
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  5. Thank you everyone, your prayers are so appreciate!
    We made it through the weekend without any incidence.
    They go in early this week to be checked again.
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  6. Continuing to pray for all concerned, but especially for the mother & child.
    There is a connection there that speaks in a similarity to the like dependency the believer has with and in Jesus Christ.
    So, my prayers for their coverage, in all aspects of life. In the name of Jesus Christ.

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  7. Also joining in prayer here for this situation. Our God is always able.
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  8. Praying!
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  9. That is very sad. My heart goes out to them. Praying for their strength and comfort.
  10. Praying, sister!
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  11. My prayers goes to all the brethren who are going through one thing or the other at this time. God will visit you and put a stop to your situation.

    love in Christ,

    Ruth Michael.
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  12. How are your son, his wife and their child now?
  13. Thank you everyone, for your prayers and concern. Though our little one was miscarried,
    your prayers are still appreciated as questions and disappointment hang over my daughter-in-
    law. Thank you.
  14. My heart and prayers go out to your son, wife and family.
    The heartache of such loss, I can not imagine.
    Mourn, and cry out to the Lord!
    He knows the anguish felt by you and your family.
    He will heal and comfort in a way that is only possible by Him.
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  15. Amen. So sorry to hear of this loss, sister Lyndle. Praying for you, your son and daughter-in-law at this time.
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  16. Thank you again everyone, for your prayer for my son and his family. Over the weekend
    another of my sons had their little baby... three weeks early. Everyone is well and expected
    to come home tomorrow. While the losses cannot be replaced, this little baby has made
    her debut as a little ray of sunshine.
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  17. Praise the Lord for your healthy new family addition! That's great news after your losses.
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