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relax and be encouraged

i dont think youth spend as much time studying the word of God as adults do, and indeed, as much time in the more seriuos forums such as 'bible study'.

but i dont believe this is because we are shallow etc, or cant be bothered. if you think about it, we spend 70 percent or more of our days studying at school/college/uni and then there is homework, and the majority of this study is reading and writing.

i dont know how everyone else feels, but the last thing i think when ive finished study is, 'oh great, ill just go and run and get my 2000 plus page bible and spend the next hour or so studying and reading hard, trying to memorise and learn it!!!'

but like i said above, this is not because we are shallow or cant be bothered...we have a really hard time with puberty, growing pains, headaches etc AND all day study, that it is natural for our minds and bodies to want to mindlessly chat, enjoy our friends and relax etc when we have finished.

i have come accross alot of youth including me, who feel condemned about not having the desire to study the word, or loosing concentration with it, but i think we need to take this issue to God, read what we can in the bible and RELAX in the knowledge that we are doing our best, and thats all God requires!!!

i just wanted to bring this truth to light for encouragement and to remind us of our human limitations so that we remember to lean on our father more.

tell me your thoughts......
I agree to part of what you said but I don't think we can blame the fact that we are reluctant to read the bible on studying/homework, etc. I personally cant say studying takes all my time. I can spare God sometime or if we classify things, lol there wont be no time left. For example, I usually spend my week days at school. I come home, watch a show or two, study a little and then get so tired to read/pray and I sleep. I can't blame this on study coz really I am just lazy to do it. But if I am chatting with freinds on the internet or talking on the phone or reading a fiction, it's so the other way arround. I don't even KNOW how the time goes by.
Besides, I think we (teens + youth) have more time to spare than adults. I mean, work is as tiring as studying.
Anyway, I believe that we have to fight it b/c I know reading fiction or watching TV is more attractive than reading the bible. But this guy at church once said: Life is not always what we want but what we need. WE NEED the word of God, we NEED God. SO, we have to make time for him, we have too. Personally, I sometimes make scheduale to worship God at home/ pray/ read the bible. But I can't b/c my motive is wrong. I am my motive. But now I have changed strategy. Now when ever I don't feel like it, I say to my self: Dockmias, the lord lives in you. If the lord lives in you, then you can't be lazy. If you are not lazy, you will read the bible or what ever. My motive is God. I will do it because it is not my life I am living, it is he who is living in me.
God bless

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