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really need help with music theory!

I play flute and I was learning clarinet; unfortunately it's been years since I've taken lessons.

Long story short I've had to drop them due to financial difficulties; just can't afford them.

I can read music and write it.

I know basic music theory (the time signatures, types of notes and their values, types of rests and their values, major scales, minor scales, time signatures; what a repeat sign and end sign is, the basic techniques...trills, slurs, staccatos, marcatos, enharmonics, know what the treble cleft is, know what a 'measure' is, what triplet notes are, know what ties are and what dotted notes are).

I have learned syncopation, but it's been so long since I've used it I really can't remember; could use a refresher course with this.

Really need help learning the more advanced aspects of music theory.

Did some research via the internet and have a vague understanding. However really confused; need help from somebody who knows the more advanced aspects of music theory....because I don't understand it. If I didn't need help I wouldn't be asking for it.
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