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does anybody here like reading thrillirs.
i know that a thrillir isnt ecaxtly God like but does anybody like it??!!! :confused:
hello Vlooi,
No, i'm not a big fan of thrillers, but i do love historical fantasies.
I read them by an author called Stephen Lawhead, who is a christian.
The books have quite a lot of violence in them, so it's a bit gory in places. I love the way he writes though!
What books do you read (i know they are thrillars, but who are they by and what are they about?)
Jesu keep you.
thanks for answering! (i thought peoplle might think that i am weird) but i dont just read thrillirs, i also read comedy, comedy romance and action)
the guy you mentioned sounds alot like the author in the book im reading about (cept that hie name is Stephan Laws) my ohter fav authors are meg cabot, francine pascal, r.l. stine and a whole lot of othters. Meg cabot wrote the famous series 'Princess Diareis' and also many other books like boy meets girl, nicola and the viscount etc. Francine Pascal wrote sweet valley high(but i dont read it), Fearless (great series, but a little rough (like yours)) R.L Stine writes thrillirs. What are your fav authors and what does their books go about? God bless you,
I love reading tons of books. lol. Right now I'm reading a Christian Fiction book series called Forbidden doors written by Bill Myers. I suggest reading these books, their amazing!

God bless


well, im not totally into thrillers... but mind u, if i started reading it an i liked it... i woudnt put it down... but im like that with all books.. so yea..

i like fantasy books mainly tho...
I also find it hard to put a book down once i've started reading it, especially books which have you on the edge of your seat right until the end. I love films like that as well.
i like certain thillers, the ones that don't stay in my mind when i'm trying to sleep but i perfer some sci fi books,
Stay Real
I find some thrillers interesting, but I refer to read classic books like George Orwell's Nighteen Eighty Four and others books.