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Rastafarian King Haile Selassie I

Discussion in 'Evidence & Prophecy' started by the new justin, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. When most of us think about rastas, we think of dread locks, reggae, and weed. Well this is obvious and known through sterio types and people like Bob Marley, about the dread locks life (sort of).
    I have known and meet alot of rastas, but never really knew what or how it came to be and I never really cared to ask. Well it turns out it is linked to Christianity and based on a interpretation of the Bible!

    The belief system emerged in an early 20th-century atmosphere made ripe by Marcus Garveys back to Africa crucade. It was a time when lots of Jamaicas churchmen preached of a black messiah who would rise to fight the oppressor, known under the catch-all Babylon,(where the Israelites were exiled) and lead his people back to the mother land (Africa).

    These certian Jamacians identified it not only with the Europion colonizers who had inslaved Africans and brought them to the Caribbean, but with the materialistic values in general.

    When King Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, a Christian whose bloodline supposedly traced back to King Solomon, was crowned in 1930, many Jamaicans interpreted the even as a fulfillment of the prophecy given in Psalms 87:4-6,"behold, Philistia and tyre with ethiopia: this one was born there"

    They adopted a portion of Selassie's pre-coronatrion name, Ras Tafari Makonnen, for their movement. Today they carry an older version of Ethiopias national flag, a green, gold, and red banner emblazioned with the lion of zion, the religous homeland of Jews and Christians.

    Other Biblical verses supposedly instruct rastas to smoke marijuana as a sacrament and to grow dreadlocks. 104:14, he causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegitation for the labour of man, While numbers describes a true believer as one who "shall let the locks of his hair grow long"

    Their interpretation of the Bible also demands that its followers live naturally, avoiding meat and shellfish in favor of organic fruits and vegetables (Ital diet).

    In the beginning, most rastas were farmers, fishermen and artisans. Then in the 60s, the reggae music industry became a source of income that allowed rasta parents to pay for their childrens education.

    In the 70s, left wing government in Jamaica recognized the religion, and soon spread to middle class families. Rastafarians were often known as peace makers in the Jamacian Ghettos.

    Since the recognizeation and help from Bob Marley, the religion has grown to over 1 million followers from all the carribean :ip: to even New Zealand, where a member of parliament is a rasta, to Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Willams who is an on and off again rasta.

    Well, I just thought I'd let you know about the life of a rasta, as this is something new to me also. I did not know that it was created from (what they wanted to take) from the Bible? You know it sounds nice and all Irie, but I think I will stick with Jesus over Selassie I any day. Thanks anyway Bob. :shade:
  2. Very informative post,

    and it's growing deceiving young adults.
  3. and it's growing deceiving young adults.[/quote]

    yes we can say that, but if your in the spiritual wilderness and come from a race that has had the roots kicked out of its past then i think that these people have done very well to have brought themselves up to a spiritual standard for the glory of god. the very great bob marley travelled carrying that standard high. and with all REAL people as he called them he testified jesus and was baptised into the ethiopian orthadox church. i cant personally knock that because rasta proved the road that led to the jesus turning he took. these people live out of their bibles and seek god. if they didnt live out of them then they wouldnt have the chance to find jesus and eternal life. (obviously lots dont)

    i think that to believe in jesus then we must know adam, who was right at the beginning. if we dont know adam then how are we going to understand jesus. to throw these jewish groups off (this is what they are) as 100% lies is like cutting my nose off to spite my face, if i cut myself off from their history then how can i understand that im living under gods grace in his creation, and swimming in the sin that adam created, which caused real spiritual death to us all, until the lord god gave his only son that he might rise him from death and give all his peoples the chance to live for ever with him.
    if i throw off the law of moses and say he dont matter then how am i going to know what that sin is that adam created so i can make it right with god, and live as best i can how he wants me to. these things arent lies at all, they are part of the truth. by throwing them off we make our truth much harder for others to accept.
  4. Hi Mike,

    The rastafarian religion is a lie. Nice folk, nice sort of ideals, nice rythym and beat and all that... but still a lie. It is close to the narrow road, but only close. People who practice the Rasta life, are like all people, in need of God's eternal grace. Just because they do Rasta medicine... meaning they are followers of another false incarnation of Christ and practice the deeds that go with it, does not make them as people worse than any other who is deceived by the lies of the evil Adam was... with Eve.

    Rastafarian religion is a man dominated religion, and the women get the bad end of the deal... all in the name of good... of course. Basically, the average Christian woman who has been treated as Christ would have them treated, would not enjoy the Rasta way with them for very long at all... which is in itself a testimony against the Rasta way.

    Many claim a jesus.... it is the most common name to claim amongst all religions, but those jesus's are not Jesus Christ the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, the Lamb of God.

    There is no nation under the sun that can claim to be free from the effects of sin, and the spiritual wildrness is not a free pass to Salvation. It is only in Jesus Christ through faith by grace, and Him crucified and risen... coming again. Rasta adds to the truth, and steals from it too. It reeks of evil and deception while perfumed to disguise the death it preaches to it's sons. All people groups grasp at something or someone to hope in, to fill the void left by sin. Rasta is one of many, and has no special claim on Jesus the Christ and Lord.

    As for the Law of Moses... in Christ, it is the Law of God, the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ by His Spirit, that the Law of God is written upon a believers heart.. and any likeness to keeping the Law of Moses is because a believer has been made a new creation in Christ the Lord, and is led by Him to do right.... they do not try to keep the commandments, but just do.... according to the new nature within them which is Christ the Lord. There is a big difference between trying to keep the Law, and just doing so.
    One is grace, the other is works.

    There is no salvation in the Rastafarian religion .... Salvation is in Jesus Christ and Him alone, by grace through faith.

    Bless you ...><>

    Br. Bear
  5. #5 michael74, May 11, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2008
    ya man lol.
    well Romans 1 16-17
    i have complete confidence in the gospel. it is gods power to save all who believe, first the jews and also the gentiles . for the gospel reveals how god puts people right with himself, it is through faith from beginning to end, as the scripture says the person who is put right with god through faith shall live.

    is it possible to understand the gospel's, by only reading the gospel's?

    also if these people think they are jews and get on the road to the god of israel then they will come across jesus who will reach out to some of them and save them. if they had taken up athiesim then think non of them would be saved, because god isnt there.
    by bringing themselves into the family of the jews they have given themselves a better chance of life. and learn what god wants.
    I'm sorry
  6. #6 Br. Bear, May 11, 2008
    Last edited: May 11, 2008
    Brother, no need to be sorry!
    All posts posted in love... bless you.

    Trouble is, those who Jesus came to, rejected Him... to death. So being on a Jewish road has no implications for better chances of belief in Christ. The Scripture you quoted, exclaims that God is not limited to any particular people group.
    Ask any non-Jewish (origin) Christian.
    We tend to somehow try and fit things into our boxes.... but God is not in a box, and never will be, thankfully. We can enjoy revelations of Him every day!

    Bless you Mike ...><>

    Br. Bear

    ps.... you ask...

    is it possible to understand the gospel's, by only reading the gospel's?

    No, it is not possible by reading anything! We understand by His Spirit, by what is written upon our hearts, and by the transforming of our minds, by having our eyes opened.... all by grace because He first loved us.
  7. #7 michael74, May 11, 2008
    Last edited: May 11, 2008
    oh baby think im gettin it. im not gonna find jesus in writings because he is already in my heart. he is not something to be found but realised. thats why im getting confused and confruntational, im looking for somthing i already have. i know the truth but am trying to make more of it than it is so turn it into a lie. mmmmmmm dont lose faith in me brother. thanks for the blessings, may god bless you too.
  8. #8 abigya, May 12, 2008
    Last edited: May 12, 2008
    Hi Michael, probably i came in to this discussion late but i will replay to your first post.

    the Ethiopian orthodox church foundation is not based on faith in Christ (still following the old testament), i know because i came to Christ from that religion and i grew up in Ethiopia since my child hood.

    Bob Marley went to Ethiopia and baptized because he believed their roots are from Ethiopia (some thing to do with the late King Haylesilase) and may be the reason he baptized was to confirm to this belief.

    The King used to call himself the lion of Judah, and i have read many studies on this issues that they are more like anti Christ.

    I believe the rest is discussed with Brother Br. Bear...... God bless!

    In Christ

  9. #9 michael74, May 20, 2008
    Last edited: May 20, 2008
    just because you come from Eritiea my friend does not mean you are right, you are wrong, the ethiopian orthadox church worships jesus.(you should read the acts) to say the things you are saying is not right, bob marley was a man of great love and TRUTH and i wont allow any man to say otherwise, he testified jesus and in the end im sure he got his silver coin.
    when i look for a role model in this world bob is it for me, a lion for sure, not the king, but a lion indeed.
    king Haile Selassie said himself that his teachings DID NOT overwrite the gospel, its people like you that make the truth so hard to hear.
    "we'll be forever loving jah, only a fool leans on his own misunderstanding"
  10. I will tell you otherwise. What abigya said overrides your opinion. She even states she grew up in that religion and that country, somehow you wish to respond with an opinion in the tone that dictates it as truth?

    You've been acting very strange today and I'm ready to remove your privilege as a member here, Michael. This is about the 5th time I've seen your oddball posts today, on top of a few complaints about your behavior.
  11. i cant agree more chad there is alot going on and i know it seems strange, look please dont ban me, this is the best site on the webb and you dont need this kind of thing, you have a good thing going here, truely from god. i will go away for a week, if i come back and its the same, cut me away straight away.
    your a good man. with a big thing to keep in line, so god bless.
    basically ive just re-enlisted in the army, and i need to "intergrate" myself into the two parts of myself.

    look all i can say in defence of bob marley is remember the parable of "the workers in the vineyard" matthew 20 v1-16
    dont be the ones who worked all day and became jelous and got rebuked.
  12. This is Talk Jesus. Not a site about Bob Marley. He's dead, Jesus is alive.
  13. Mike,

    the church you refer to is nothing to do with Ratafarianism.
    If someone is baptised into the Ephiopian Orthadox Church, that does not mean that they are Christian. As for worshipping Jesus, some may, but the doctrine of that particular church puts Mary first, priesthood second and Jesus fits in somewhere... sort of, providing He speaks the right liturgical lingo in the going language of the day......and agrees to all the extra writings in their 'canon', and, I am fairly sure your dreadlocked hero was not into any of that sort of stuff, neither was the king rasta-man, haile-selassie

    Whether one is a Christian or not is the Lord's call, not yours nor mine, except solid proof in their fruit is yeilded.
    Also, Mike, you are quite able to think highly of whoever you may, my friend, but as Chad pointed out, this is about Jesus, who is alive. Don't get upset, brother, but please see that we could fill the pages here with talk about all our favourite people who ever lived..... but let's try and stick closer to what Talk Jesus is about?

    Now, the subject of this thread is the Rasta king, and rastafarianism. No matter which way you look at it, it is not Christianity. Although it professes love and brotherhood, that does not pass through the door...Jesus.

    Please be careful how you treat others here Mike.

    Bless you ...><>

    Br. Bear
  14. One thing I felt I should suggest to you, if you like reggae music, there are some very good Christian reggae artists you might be interested in. One is a group called "Christafari", and another I know of is "Stitchie".

    God Bless
  15. #15 rizen1, May 27, 2008
    Last edited: May 27, 2008
    I just want to mention..not every person that wears their hair in dreadlocks are connected to the religion.

    Rog I haven't listen to "Stitchie" and "Christafari" for some time now...Sherwin Gardener, Papa san is also good.

    And to Mike...Bob had his place in time, I don't deny his contributions to bringing awareness to the poor and oppress, he tried to wage peace in the War on Racism.
    (A war that still exist today )

    But its about exposing the religion not about Mr. Marley, who only God can judge and condemn...for only God knows his heart at his final hour.
  16. Michael, why do you care so much about Bob Marely?
    I'm just very curious to be honest.

    Is he your friend?:shade:

    We have to focus more on Jesus, no other idols.
  17. Him answering this will carry the thread off topic.
  18. Well to be frank with you sister, I wasn't waiting for an actual answer, I just wanted him to wonder why he cares so much about a normal man rather than Jesus, our Lord.
    He should be the one we focus on, after all, TalkJesus is about Jesus only.
  19. Then I would imagine the moderators need to remove the jokes forum and various other forums on this messageboard.
  20. Keep imagining. Your point is irrelevant. This forum is about Jesus, get it and understand it. If you have a problem with that, then you should find another place to discuss your idols.

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