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Quick and easy microwaved soup

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I had this for lunch and wondered if I am really getting too involved in quick foods. lol.
This is kind of a rock soup, with a potato and some tomato being the main ingredients.
But about anything will do...potato and corn, mixed vegs, whatever is on hand.

This is good for one person on the run or tired at night and I like it much better than canned.
It takes about 12 minutes from start to eat.

A large soup bowl, a potato that looks like just enough for you.
A half of tomato. Some greens or any veg that looks good to you that is on hand.
I used salad in a container with small spinach in it, red leaf lettuce and chard because it was
on hand. So I stuck a handful in.

Cut up the potato in small squares. I wash it but I don't peel it, you can.
Cut up the tomato in chunks. I don't peel this either and you can put more.
Put that in a large soup bowl and put water in
that will not boil over, but the amount that makes enough for a bowl of soup.
It will transform after cooking, really.

Add a very little pepper, a bit of salt, and a tad of garlic or garlic powder, if you have it on hand. Or just a tad of salt and nothing else.

I sometimes use a couple of splashes of soy sauce instead of all of the above and that's my favorite way of doing it.

Even a sprinkle of McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning, which is just garlic, pepper, red pepper.

Cook about 6 minutes in the microwave till potato is able to be pieced easily, - you can add a little more time,
but do it carefully so it doesn't blow or over boil. When it is about soft, just set it aside with a cover and let it cool down on the counter.

It is amazing how little makes a really good bowl of soup.

If you have it, sprinkle with some parmesan, or cheese, or toast some bread to croutons.
If you don't, it is a wonderful bowl of soup just as it is, using what you have on hand.