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Purpose Driven Life ??????

I have read the above book by Rick Warren, and thought it was good, however recently my wife brought it to my attention that there is a document in (edited by llj) that states this book is more about self than about god, and talks negativly about the book, id like to share this site with you and listen to your thoughts

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hey i have read it. . .our church did it in spring together in small groups and stuff. . .in the 40 days programm. . .i missed a few pages . . .i had it in my hand today and seen my marked page at the end pages:

"real servants fulfill their duty responsible". . . weird. . .i have obviously read that. ..marked it . ..wrote something next to it when I read it. . .and had already forgotten that I did it again . . .

I wanna go back through it this summer. . . maybe I find a few important sentences again. ..and can leave them in this thread

May God lead us to fresh pastures and fresh water these days . . .im so tired of stinking mudholes . . .
The only way to know your purpose in the Christian walk is through intimate relationship with God through his word . When we format our life without praying for Gods direction , then we grieve the Holy Spirit and end up with just what that book says , A Purpose Driven Life ! Not a Spirit lead life . Mike
I skipped that book as I heard Warren teamed up with Ken Blanchard and that Blanchard "pushed" ideas the weren't inline with the Christian ideology. Right or wrong, I don't know. Reportedly though, Blanchard uses Buddhist teachings along with other non-Christian ideas.

Do a search on Rick Warran and Ken Blanchard, then decide for yourself.

In Christ's love,

Just bought this book

Hmmm just started this book ... hoping to learn... i'll keep you posted.. anyone else just starting it??
Well what do you see the book as saying from your point of view, because i have not read it my self and above all that i have never herd of it but what are your view's on it,, isnt that all that counts in the end??

Love simon!!!
I have read the purpose driven book. It did help me in many ways. However, it seems to me churches are full of people trying to "work" their way to God. Many are so busy trying to get laborors in the church, they don't have time for the hurting people. They are too busy "judgeing themselves and others." I have called members of my church during bad times and been told, "everyone is just sooo busy!" I believe that is one reason people come to forums like this one.
Not for me

Hello All,
I am new here, and I come across this thread. I have both books of Rick Warren, they are drivel to me. I read alot of me and I . His books are not for me at all. They were given to my husband and myself from a guy at our church and were asked to read them. I read the Purpose Driven Church, but could not read :thumbs_do Purpose Life. There is only one way to the Father, and that is through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, no other way. I can not do it and neither can any man or book. It seems to me everyone is trying to sell and market Jesus, this is so wrong and not biblical. Read Jer 29:13, we need to seek Him.

Debbi, a warrior for Christ
My own question was answered when the book Purpose Driven life was given to a friend that i worked with, and god used this book and he gave his life to the lord, wow
I am on the fence with this book, however, I believe that what satan means for bad, God can ALWAYS use for his glory. So in other words, if it doesnt work for you then dont read it, but remember God may use it for someone else that needs to here something in it! Just my thoughts. God Bless!

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Please keep this near last verse in the Bible in mind:

Revelation 22:18-19

I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.
alethuo4Jesus said:
I am on the fence with this book, however, I believe that what satan means for bad, God can ALWAYS use for his glory. So in other words, if it doesnt work for you then dont read it, but remember God may use it for someone else that needs to here something in it! Just my thoughts. God Bless!


I agree with this post. That God can and does use everything presented to us in this life. To me the book and group study was not about "working our way to God" as some have suggested, but more trying to help us as individuals find God's purpose for our lives. Which should be important to all Christians. Because bottom line if we don't have a God purpose driven life then our purposes are of satan, this world and our flesh.


I haven't read the book, I have heard negative and positive things said about it.
At the end of the day it is a book. The most important thing is that we are following the teachings of the bible and we are in relationship with Jesus Christ. Praying, fellowshipping.
If we are doing those things we are on the right track regardless of the book mentioned.
I read the book twice and i can say God is talking to me using that book.
The first i read it, i was crying the whole 40days...
i was just looking for a job before i read it and while i was on the first 10 chapter (10th day) one company called to me for exam and interview and now im working in an engineering firm...i think that God just trained me to put all my trust to Him while reading that book..
Because i am so blessed with that book, i shared a copy of it to my dearest indonesian friend, Mulyadi. and i know God is using PDL the bless my friend's life and his family..
Praise the Lord!
Why do we need Rick Warren to tell us the purpose?

:cake: I mean, why does it take Rick Warren, a pastor to tell us how to live the purpose driven life? Do we not have complete access to God? We have his word, doesn't it tell us the purpose God has saved us for? I am sorry, but I really think there are so many books out there on God, what about the book He wrote (the Bible) I thought it was inerrant and perfect? I was convicted of this, I read so many books, but the Bible I was leaving in the back burner. Just a thought.
singlemom, i understand completely what you say, i too was challenged to stop reading books on god and concentrate on the bible, however, i was mainly speaking from the point of view that when we witness to people, it far easyier to give them a book that may open up there eyes, thru the holy spirit, then once they are saved they start to read the bible, as many non christians are reluctuant to go straight to the bible.

i found this book by rick warren a blessing to me and others and thru god it is certainly saving souls.

thankyou for your reply sister
The test of the book is whether it glorifies God and whether it brings people into a living relationship with Him.

Anything for which we say we will be accountable for so it is for God to judge.
Hey........ I had a quick thought about this subject and wanted to see what you all thought about it. What about the book of "us" How many of you have heard that we are an open book. I think it's awesome that we have so many books to read to help us to keep on the straight and narrow, but isn't it something that the first book that people will read is "Us"
Meaning believers and their witness for the Lord> It is our behavior, our faith, our walk that The Holy Spirit can use too to bring someone to Himself. I remember many Christians witnessing to me before I was ever saved, none of the things that they gave me to read, do I remember, nor still possess. What made a dramatic impression in my life was their way of being. For example, how many times to you see patience in action, love in distress, or gentleness in exhortation from an unbeliever? You all are walking testimonies of God's grace, we are! Amen.