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Psalm 127:1

Psalm 127:1 - Except the lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it

This verse i was attracted to as i will shortly be building my own house, but the more i look into it it has a deeper meaning as we walk with the lord.

If the Lord is building why do we have to labour?

God is our Master Architect and we are the carpenters, God builds us by design before the foundation of the world.

He gives us his plan, and when we labour, our labour MUST be in alignment with his design or our efforts will fail.

( how many times have we walked on our own and think we are rulers of our own lives? - that is pride)

Where as Humility says God is the ruler of my life, and God makes me.

God has the best plan always, we just need to submit to him totally and hand everything over to him as he really is in control.

There is no crisis too big that he does not provide for, its already been done and mapped out before us.

Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to turn to the lord in ferverent prayer, this produces character and patience.

Its just great to know that God really has the whole world in his hands

It is my prayer that we die to self and have more of God in our lives, and that should any crisis arrise that we will have the faith, and wisdom to endure it.

In jesus name Amen

He is our provider forever. Thankyou Jesus.