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The other day I was watching a well-known teacher,pastor etc on t.v. He said that the he had started feeling the presence of God before he had begun ministering and that people should not make any big movements in the middle row cuz it affects the presence also he asked the people who wanted to use the loo to do it before the meeting started...I am confused here....Does God care about the environment? My room where I pray is a always a mess like any teenager's...does this affect the presence?
I don't think the Holy Spirit cares whether your room is a mess (unless you Mom has told you to clean it :wink: )...but I do think that some distractions may prevent people from focussing on God which may lessen the impact of the presence of God.


I agree evangeline, when in a room of people where the Holy Spirit is ministering people coming and going are a distraction and can easily take your mind off focusing on God.
nah sunshine I'm not talkin about us getting distracted...i just wonder if the surroundin affects the impact of the Spirit...i just put my question the wrong way:icon_biggrin:

Also I'm being a bit frank here.....

cuz a while ago a guy who claims to be a prophet and told me that He -the Spirit asked him to come and talk about certain things ... that person also told me that the Spirit of the Lord does'nt show up when we're you are 'dirty' you know the female thing....hummm .After asking God now I realize that such things-i mean the physical things don't matter...the heart matters...sometimes satanic things can come disguised,like that guy's 'message'