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Praying time is not a option for Christians, it is a obligation !!

By the time the godly prophet Daniel reached eighty years of age, he had outlived two Babylonian kings, Nebuchadnezzar and his son Belshazzar, and then served under King Darius. Daniel had always been a praying man and he had no thoughts of slowing down in his old age.
King Darius had promoted Daniel to the highest office in the land, putting him in charge of forming government policy and teaching all the court appointees and intellectuals: “Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm” (Daniel 6:3).
Obviously, Daniel was one busy prophet. But nothing could take this man of God away from his times of prayer. Three times a day, he stole away from all his obligations, burdens and demands as a leader to spend time with the Lord.
Daniel is an example to us of how important it is to have praying leaders. Remember, he had been appointed over every other leader in the land. Consider the immense effort it took for Daniel to devote himself to prayer. After all, he lived in the New York City of his time — great, majestic, wealthy Babylon. And he lived in a time of spiritual apathy — of drunkenness, pleasure-seeking and greed among God’s people.
Prayer does not come naturally to anyone, including Daniel. A disciplined prayer time is easy to start yet hard to maintain — both our flesh and the devil conspire against it. Prayer that is effectual comes from the faithful, diligent servant who sees his nation and the church falling deeper into sin and falls on his knees and cries out to God on their behalf. God strongly desires to bless his people but if our minds are polluted with the spirit of this world, we are in no position to receive his blessings.
Will you be a part of God’s praying people today? If so, cry out to him, “Oh, Lord, whatever it takes, keep me on my knees. I long to see your Spirit moving in the hearts of men and women!” ~DW
Ooooh I don't know about this one. I firmly believe that God created us to love, worship and adore Him, He needs us almost as much as we need Him. There are lots of comparisons of our relationship with Jesus as like a wedding or a marriage. So if you targetted your conversations to three a day, that marriage isn't going to sparkle!

We need to be chatting regularly, chatting, telling Him how we're feeling, what we're doing, things that bother us ... lots of different things. And then of course a time together. That is a relationship. God loves us, He really wants us to love Him back. If that's not happening for you, ask God for His Holy Spirit to work within you to bring you closer to Him

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. Romans 8:26‭-‬27 NIV
You dont know about spending time with God alone in prayer time??? sorry I can comprehend that, maybe I am not understanding you correctly
Hi Dave,

It's the 3 times a day thing I'm asking about. Of course Daniel lived BC and so he followed the Jewish religion and law to the letter. If you describe to a jew, Judaism as a religion he'll correct you and tell you that they are a race rather than a religion, John the Baptist disagreed Matthew 3:9 and I'm with John on this one. Then came Jesus and He introduced this concept that we individually can call God my father, as opposed to Old Testament times when Judah and Israel as a country or people were called children of Israel but almost never as God calling Himself their father.

For that reason I would disagree with anyone calling Christianity a religion, no it's not - it's a relationship with the creator God. Not just we as a nation a or body but you and I as individuals come to God as our father. It's a close and intimate relationship and bond that God seeks of us. The Bible likens it to father / son. The body or the Church is likened to Christ's bride.

Therefore because it's a relationship rather than a religion I don't really hold with having to pray a set number of times a day like the Muslims do. We should be constantly talking to God throughout our wakening day and time set aside for a deeper, intimate conversation.

It's a relationship and one where we should seek to make it closer and more loving day by day.

Hope that clarifies.

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