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Prayers would be so helpful

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Ive been asking for prayers for a while. Im going to court on the 14th this month over child support and custody of my kids. Their dad is trying to get us on a 2-2-3 schedule. This means that i would have our kids for 2 days, then he would then i would have them 3 days. It would just cycle throughout the year like that. He has not seen them in about 8 weeks and he doesnt ask for pictures of them or ask how they are doing. Please pray for me and the kids. Please pray that their dad doesnt get the custody he is seeking. Im just so nervous about going. Im worried about the kids. T
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Praying @Jessca95

I understand your worries and concerns.....but the Lord He knows all things and He loves and cares above all other.
Leaving the matter in His hands and may you claim His perfect peace for your worried heart.

If your ex is saying he wants your dear children 2 days, then he is taking a degree of interest. The responsibility of being a biological father in action, taking care of His children may draw out a beautiful loving side of His nature you haven't yet seen.

Lord, Thy will be done.
Thanks for sharing, friend. I know how difficult and concerning this must be for you. Be assured of my continued prayers for you. May the Lord work out everything good for you and may He fill your heart with His peace that surpasses all human understanding. Please don’t get stressed out but stay strong in Him. Hugs!
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