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Prayers for prayer life

Lately I feel as though my prayer life isn't as strong as it used to be. I am trying hard to build up my relationship in the Lord but life just seems so crazy that I don't always seem to put forth my best effort in becoming close to Jesus. Please pray for me and I will continue to work hard at it! If anyone has any advice on making a stronger prayer life please let me know.
Well sometimes I too feel that way but I always try saying little prayers throughout the day. It seems to help me better when I get into those ruts. Just take it one day at a time, and things will turn out. It is hard to keep yourself drownded in prayer. I have a hard time at it too, but we are all human and not perfect. I just keep hanging in there.!
God Bless
Sis in Christ:love:
Yes.. a lot of people think that prayer means getting down on your knees or laying prostrate for hours and hours. I learned that. I use to think that praying meant if I didn't do it for at least an hour or more, then I wasn't really praying. Prayer is conversation with God. That conversation can be 1 hour or 10 minutes, it doesn't matter. It's not quantity, but quality time with God that counts. Don't be so hard on yourself. Get in the habit of talking to God throughout the day, in your car, on your job, in your bathroom, when you shower, when you wash the dishes. It's all conversation with God, and he hears it all. Talk to Him.. that's what he longs for.. real conversation with his children. Remember.. Quality... not Quanitity! God bless you now and forever more!
I agree. Too many times we get locked into thinking we have to do it a certain way or we haven't fulfilled the obligation of praying. Jesus gave the best example of how to pray & the Bible is filled with scriptures of praying people & how they prayed. I did a study a while back on prayer. Many different positions are mentioned in the Bible, so we know it doesn't have to be just on our knees. That position is an important one, I don't want to seem that I am minimizing it's significance. I'm just saying if you can't kneel, don't think you can't pray.

There are many hindrances to prayer, one of which is carnal motives. That can include "not doing it until it can be done a certain way, in a certain place, at a certain time". Challenge yourself to find a time you CANNOT pray. To do this, just try to pray whenever it comes to mind...remember they can be silent as well as spoken. Let me know if you do find a time you can't pray because of position, surroundings or time. Prayers can be long or brief.

Just speak to your Father...He loves it.
Staff Member
Yes, I actually get those thoughts everyday about "quantity". Its not really that I think of minutes I spend with good, but more like a scale of how much I gave to everyone or everything else throughout the day and then how much I give to GOD. I want to make it so that GOD is first and foremost gets the most of me. After all, He created me.

So my advice to you is to spend time ALONE with GOD. Take a trip to a local park or such, read a book (christian related of course) and mediate on a piece of Scripture. Speak freely and sincerely to GOD. Prayer is not a robotic, sheduled, pre-thought moment with GOD. Prayer is just a natural conversational flow with GOD.
Comfort yourself in knowing that all of us feel that way from time to time. The Word says that all things will be shaken until only those things that cannot be shaken remain.
Sometimes the sifting process of our lives is very difficult. The fact that you are asking for prayer says that you notice your weakness in this area and that you are depending on the Lord to strenghen you and keep you as he has promised. Remember that praying is just like talking to your best friend. As easy as it is to write to us at the forum and ask for help and prayer, it is also that easy and even easier, to speak to Jesus and do the same thing. Just talk to him. There is no formula. Do you use a formula to speak to a trusted friend or family member? Of course not. You are comfortable enough to just be yourself and tell them what's on your heart. That is all that Jesus wants us to do. He wants us to remember that he is not just Lord, he is also your best friend. He is interested in every little detail. So find a quiet place, unplug the phone, get in your favorite chair and just start talking....Jesus is listening!
Love In Christ Jesus...
Knight1, I love that part about not using a formula to talk to a trusted friend. I had never thought of that...an awesome description.