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Prayer Request

I don't normally ask for prayers, I try to handle things on my own, but I can't do that anymore. I have one young son (almost 6 years old) and I'm 28 weeks along with my second child. Things have been steadily going downhill with my partner and I just can't handle things anymore. I can't take the abuse from him anymore, I need to get myself and my babies out. Last night was HORRIFIC. He kicked off at nothing, punching holes in the wall, throwing things, destroying anything that belongs to me. Dresser, futon, TV, washer and dryer (flooded the laundry room completely), everything. I'm a stay at home mother, so he has completely taken control of finances. He's withheld and IS withholding food and necessities from us. Refuses to allow me to drive to go out and get anything we need, not that he'd let me have to money to get things anyway. If I ask, it becomes a fight and I worry for my safety and my kids safety. Last night was one of the worst nights in a while and I NEED to get away. I need to leave, I need to feed my son, I need to escape this. My only moments of peace come when he's at work all day, but that doesn't last forever. Shelters are full because of Covid, I have NO family or friends nearby that can help, I'm STUCK. If I was able to hop in the van and go, I would, but I'd never make it with nothing. No gas, no food, nothing to care for my son and unborn baby. I'm trying to work things out, but I have to be EXTREMELY careful so he doesn't find out, and that's difficult to do. PLEASE pray for me if you can, so that I can get myself and my babies out of here safely. Even if you're not one to pray, I'd appreciate even a kind thought or message sent my way for a little support through this. Anything, really. I just feel hopeless.
Call the police, explain your situation, without giving out your address to avoid them showing up and stiring up a hornets nest with your husband. Ask them what you should do. See if that helps. Saying a prayer for you.

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