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prayer request for Ramon-n-Desree Velez for 2005- to have children


Desmond IF A Boy!

Destiny if a GIRL!

pray for Ramon and Desree to have children for 2005
love Ramon-n-Desree Velez.

Blessed Saviour
Jesus ~ Lord

I come before You this morning in intercessory prayer praying in agreement with Desree as she uplifts her's and Ramon's hearts desire to You for special blessings
to have a child this year in 2005!!!
I pray O Lord for this desire to be met .. You know their need .. their prayers to You are constant .. bless them abundantly with this miracle of birth O Lord
.. Give them that peace which passes all understanding .. allow them to feel Your awesome presence O Lord as You touch them with this creative miracle
I pray these things O Lord knowing that through YOU all things are possible

Blessed One
I pray this in Your most holy name
amen and amen

Thank you HvnsPrys!!!
luv Desree!!!