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Prayer Request For My Grandma

Im resqueting prayer for my grandma tonight. This morning around 4:30 am she was taken to the hospital because of problems she is having with her heart. She will remain in the hospital till friday then be transferred to Erie where she see's a heart specialist and will get a heart cath. Today they drew blood and are keeping her monitored due to her having this heavy feeling in her chest and having trouble breathing.

Please uplift her in prayer. My Grandpa is by her side in the hospital as well. Richard and Ethel Parson are their names. Thank you all for Keeping them in your prayers.
Thank you for praying for her. She is doing abit better today. My mom's brother was taken to the hospital today because of his swollen feet. He cant walk on them they hurt so much. Dr ordered blood tests and said he has gout in both feet. My uncle was given a shot and some medicine and sent home. His name is Gary Barber. Please lift him in prayer also.

I will keep all of you and your prayer requests in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless u and all your family Abbysaunt, I will pray too. Just always know God is with u :D and you're all embraced by His love always.
I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Im happy to tell you that my both my Uncle and Grandma came home from the hospital. Praise God for that. Grandma had an appointment with her heart dr today
but havent heard how it went yet, But believing God for a good appointment for her. My uncle is doing better but has to take it easy and take some medicine for the gout in his feet.

Im continually keeping all of you and your families and friends in my thoughts and prayers.

God is an amazing God and I love him so much!