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prayer needed for my sister

The Lord knows all about the situation. Please pray that he moves as he sees fit. Not my will but his.
Staff Member
Amen Angie. Father in Heaven I pray this evening that whatever the situation maybe for Angie's sister that you may fix with your mighty power and grace. I believe in you Father in Heaven that by the blood of Christ Jesus anything and everything good is possible. I believe that this matter is already fixed as you promised Father. I thank you Lord Jesus Christ for making it all happen and better.

Lord hear my prayer. The situation for the sister, In Angie's eyes is wrong, Lord. Help her sister to sort it out, whatever it may be Lord. I pray that you will help Angie to help her sister, even if her sister turns the help away, i pray that you will help Angie to be a guide for her sister. Fill her with your Holy Spirit lord, help her to see your will and to help acomplish it through you. Iask this in Jesus name, Amen.