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Prayer in need...

Hello All,

I'm looking for some assistance through prayer. I recently lost my job and am changing careers. It has been a difficult transition financially but am hopeful given it was a needed change and the loss of my job was what I needed to move on.

Please pray for me and my family to get through some tough times ahead. I know in my heart one door has been closed and an new one opened.

Thanks for you prayers!

Lord Jesus, create a new avenue of success for dboss, and keep his family and friends in Christ close to him in his hour of need that he sees the works of the Living God in his walk with You always, amen. And ground them steadfast in the forgiveness of Your kind Spirit always. Open pockets of opportunities around them all in all areas, and hold them open for them to plainly see, with confirmations of the Holy Spirit as well, increasing their faith through the opportunities only You can provide, that they may walk in them with ease and understanding and full of Your Joy and peace, amen. Allow his leadership qualities to become magnified as well, amen.
The God of the good times, is still God in the tough times dboss, I can testify to that! God bless you and all your house in Jesus name !
God bless you, and increase your territory, and I will pray for you. Look up: THE PRAYER OF JABEZ. It's incredibly powerful.

Love in Christ :love:
CaliFlower :rose:

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