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Prayer for Safety from Tornadoes in Texas

Hi All,

My brother just texted me. He lives with his wife in Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is asking for prayer as they are visiting his inlaws and a tornado just struck. He said that although they are all physically okay, there has been serious damage. He also said they are in line for several more predicted tornadoes and it's expected to be a rough night. I'm praying for them. Can whoever reads this right now just stop and take a moment to pray for them, their safety and the safety of all those in that area? Thanks so much.
I would be glad to add in my prayers. Though ten thousand fall to their left and ten thousand fall to their right, the Lord watches us and will not let us fall until He knows the time is right to come home. Trust in the Lord's goodness sister.
Thank you, Brad. And thanks to everyone who prayed and has been praying. I do have an update as of this morning. At one point last evening the text messages stopped, and I wasn't sure what was going on. There was just silence from him. It turns out he and his wife decided to drive home, which is still in the area where the tornadoes struck. It took them hours, even though they don't live that far. They got home late last night, safe and sound. He said there were about 40 homes either damaged or destroyed in the neighborhood where their in-laws are. There have been eight deaths so far. In regards to their own property, it skipped their house and passed to the south and east, doing damage to more homes in their neighborhood. It also destroyed a church in Desoto, TX, which is about 2-3 miles from where they live. They're still getting freezing rain and flooding, but they are safe.