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Prayer For My Calling

Please pray for My and My wife’s calling as we have been attending a new body where God has lead us there... we come a small home church where we were all able to move in the Spirit and had the authority to speak in to the body there as God gave us... we both are able to teach, preach, lead the body....
but God has moved us away and we are now attending normal church and we are like a square trying to fit a round hole we both have a hard time fitting in and know that God has lead us here...
basically we have no desire to take over or do anything that God does not want we have been trying to meet the people be there friends and love them where they are... God has revealed to us how to pray for them and we have been doing that.. But it still very rough and we keep asking how we fit in, what’s our function..... I have to say I do not believe in going to Church but being the Church that mean to me not going to church on Sunday looking to be blessed but Worshiping the Lord, Hearing his word, praying and serving in any function I can.... serving the body of the Lord ...

its hard to fit everything in but God has matured us to move in Him and we want to, I don’t want to be a pew warmer, we been gong there for over 6 weeks I think. The pastors have not even tried to talk to us..I tried to talk to them there are 2 pastors 1 bishop and it seemed they were not interested in getting to know us.... they really don’t even know our back ground.. We attended a supperat the church , I felt like a out cast I talk briefly to the pastor ask him what their need was he talk about getting the parking lot fixed ( don’t have the money for that )..I don’t want to seem hard just want to fit in with them would like God to show us what we need to do to love them and help them with out offending them ...
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