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Prayer for my bible class

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Lanolin, May 4, 2017.

  1. Please pray for my bible class, it seems half believe and half dont. They are 5 and 6 year olds and theres 23 of them. I would love by the end of the year each and everyone (including their class teacher) to know the Lord. I only have half an hour a week to teach bible.

    One girl is sad because her dad stopped her from coming to bible so she misses out. Yet others are in my class sometimes dont seem to listen at all and disrupt the class. I need wisdom and strength to know how to handle this, and what to pray each time I have these children. If I could have someone regular to come help me that would be great too.

    It is a privelige to teach and we are restricted somewhat in what we teach and sometimes im not happy with the way the curriculum is presented because it seems to jump around the bible whereas if I were deciding on what to teach I would just go through the books and story in order and not miss anything out. I also dont want to just be lazy and give children a colouring in worksheet as some teachers think its just a time out for them.

    Anyway can you please pray. These children are precious to Him and it might be the only time they ever hear the bible as some dont have it in their homes.
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  2. @Lanolin

    I am praying for your class.
    I am reminded of many years ago substituting for the regular Sunday School teacher of a similar age group of approximately the same number. I loved every minute of it and when the regular teacher decided to never return I jumped at the opportunity to take it on full-time. Some frowned at it because all of the other teachers below adult, were women. God really is no respecter of persons.
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  3. We will definitely keep you and this situation lifted up!!
    Stay in Faith and your Eyes On Him and do Not allow your surroundings or present situation to sway you one bit.
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  4. Thanks brothers!
    well good news this week managed to find some willing helpers!
    I also put an ad in the church newsletter.
    And my bible teacher and I are going for more training face to face on saturday so that may equip us more.
    Sadly there aren't many male bible teachers just the same as there don't seem to be many male teachers in primary schools full stop. When I was in primary school out of the six years I only had one male teacher all the rest were female except for the principal.

    I don't know why this is. Could be an issue over pay, I don't know. I think with boys its important to have male teachers they just automatically respect a male teacher over a female one I reckon.
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  5. Thank you Lord I had a helper today.

    The lesson went much better than last weeks, and the other teachers did say there was an issue with the lesson plans that are hard to work with. It's also because I hadn't done these lessons before that I'm in a bit of a panic, the others have been doing them for many years.
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  6. @Lanolin - That is a wonderful privilege you have to teach these children about Jesus, and about his Word. I pray, too, that many will come to faith in Jesus Christ. It is a challenge to keep the attention of such young ones, I know. I have 13 grandchildren, and several of them are close to that age group. It takes a special person to minister to these young ones. I pray they will hear the Word of God and that the Lord will help them to retain what they hear and to follow it. We never know who is listening and what impact we might be having on their lives, so just obey the Lord in doing what he has given you to do, and know his Word will not return empty, but will accomplish the purposes for which God sent it in people's lives.
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  7. thank you Lord I'm going to try have put in a memory verse although with little ones they said it wasn't necessary, but just thinking on what you posted Sue how His word doesn't return empty, and they like repeating phrases anyway, so it can't hurt.

    I sometimes feel I rush it a bit and don't take time to teach how the story applies to their lives, which is done with the older ones, but most are hearing it for the first time and the story is exciting and new to them anyway.

    Another issue that I have is we don't always teach the stories in order and I do find that confusing when it jumps around, so I try to explain that as much as I can but it is confusing for me too, so how must it be for the children? eg. new to old testament. And then cos the school year starts and then it's easter, we teach Jesus' death and resurrection and then it ends at christmas which is Jesus birth. But I'm not sure what can be done about that, as the curriculum is all set and I can't change those holidays or the school timetable lol.

    One teacher said to me, she gets some children who've heard it all before and 'bible bashed' at home so they don't want to hear it again at school. I haven't come across that, so far! However I never went to sunday school not bored of it. Plus we have games too, just to mix it up a bit.

    For people that have been teaching it for years do you get bored of it? For those raised in the church, do any of you remember much of sunday school?
  8. @Lanolin, My parents took me to the gatherings of the church from infanthood, so I was raised going to Sunday School. Also, I began teaching Sunday School to children when I was about 16 years old, plus I taught backyard bible clubs during the summer for several years through Child Evangelism Fellowship. My husband and I were youth leaders after that, and then I began teaching women's bible studies. I did that for many years, plus I substitute taught women's Sunday School classes. We also had a college ministry out of our home for 7.5 years. My husband did most of the teaching, but I taught some women's bible studies there, too, and some during one summer when he was taking some time off. So, over a span of 50 years I have been teaching the Bible or have assisted my husband in leading a Bible study classes with youth or with young adults. And, then I have been teaching the Bible through writing for 11 years now.

    No, I don't get bored teaching the Bible. God teaches me new things all the time, and I am passionate for his Word and about doing what he has called me to do. But, that doesn't mean I am emotionally excited every time I sit down to write. Sometimes I am very tired, but I trust the Lord to give me the words he wants me to say and that he will teach me what he wants me to learn, too. I love doing what he has called me to do because I am obeying him, and I know he is using what he teaches me to minister to other people's lives.

    As far as Sunday school is concerned, I loved it most of the time, but as an adult I had some boring teachers, but I still learned from studying the Word and from hearing what other people were learning from it. What I loved more was home Bible studies, though, because they were not so confined by time or by having to follow certain literature. We could just study the Bible in someone's home and we had time to fellowship with people, too, so those were my favorite times. I loved it when we had college students to teach because they were not afraid to be challenged in their faith or to discuss various topics. They were very open. I think that was my favorite age group, though I enjoyed many of the ladies' Bible studies, too. I know the truth of God's Word, and I know how it ministers to my heart, and so I love sharing with people what I know can be life changing for them, too, and that will lead them to hope, healing, deliverance, restoration, and salvation and eternal life.
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  9. I only have half an hour once a week for this class, and they do have short attention spans, so thats why we have games and worksheets.
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  10. Our lessons at the moment are biblical role models, today its about best friends David and Jonathon. We are reading through Samuel.
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  11. I hope I wont have to give it up to do a full time job but i have been offered one.

    However my helper said she could teach although not be there all the time. It breaks my heart to have to choose, since its in the middle of the school year, if i havd found a job at the beginning of the school year it wouldnt be so bad.

    My helpers are actually trained teachers with many years experience in primary schools whereas I had never taught before. Maybe one day i will have a paid job teaching gardening and Bible.

    It looks like they will offer transport if they actually do I will take the job cos the thing that prevents me from working is fighting traffic every single day to actually get there. If i didnt have a car I couldnt do much work anywhere, those schools are way too far for me to walk to.
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  12. I start full time, work next week, so this will be my last bible class..pray that the teachers taking over will be as blessed as I was.
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