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Prayer for Mom's Job and Dad.....

My Mom needs this job she went to an interview on today. She is currently working security and they are 16 hour days! This new job would be perfect, good money,benefits good hours! They said they would call by the end of this week to give her an answer.
Also, my Dad hasn't worked in almost 6 1\2 years due to a disability. He was very 'suicidal' this last year, but through much prayer He's back even stronger with Jesus! Amen! He needs God to open a door for him to make a living again!
We want to attend a great Messianic church near us but with my Mom's security job we can't! We need fellowship desperately! We haven't been in church for almost 6 years due to personal problems.
My heart breaks with all the prayer needs on this site as another Christian site I belong to. I know God is able!!
Genesis 18:14: Is any thing too hard for the LORD?
Luke 1:37: For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Thank you to you all!

Baruch HaShem Hamashiach Yeshua!
I will pray for your parents, tell them to join TJ and they can enjoy the fellowship here too, We would love to see them here.

The Lord always will meet our needs. Continue to keep your eyes on HIm.
He is the author and finisher of our lives.
Praying for you, your Mom, your Dad, and loved ones. The Lord has service in mind for your father, and I pray for the Lord's guidance. I also rejoice in His perfect will being done for your mother and her employment. Prayers for guidance and trust for your family finding fellowship and a church. God is faithful.

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