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Prayer for a couple of friends



um... I don't really know how to ask for this, but one of my friends is in hospital being treated for annorexia. Could you pray for her speedy recovery, she says she's finding it hard, and everyone who knows about her is praying for her. Could all of you who read this post join them? Thanks.

Also, I am registered on a few other forums, and one of the guys there, his dad has been diagnosed with cancer of the brain. Could you all pray for him aswell please? Thanks.

I'll let you know how they're doing as soon as I know, but I don't know when that will be! (If that makes sense!) Thanks.


Father I praise you, thank you for my sister,Heal her body
Renew a right spirit within her.

Lord I come against that disease in the name of Jesus, fill her with your Holy Spirit.
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Dear Lord Jesus, please give Emz friend a speedy recovery, and deliver her from all manner of evil, Lord, and i ask that she can leave the hospital much sooner that expected, full of life and vigour, praising you name, and Jesus, please send your healing to the father who has been mentioned here, for nothing is impossible for you ..... nothing, and you know this man Lord Jesus, and I ask you send a messenger to him with words to give him faith to receive your healing.
Thank you Jesus and bless you.
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I just found this thread. I will pray for these two people. Cancer of the brain? Tough on human faith when expecting healing from that, but with GOD - nothing is difficult one bit.
Lord God, I pray that You will be with emz's friend right now and through her recovery. Father i pray that You would rise up people around her, to be loyable and faithful friends like emz. that to those people, Your Word and wisdom would be on their lips, to help her through this time. Lord i pray that whenever emz's friend seeks Your hand and face, that Your power and unfailing Love would cover her. i pray that you would reveal to her, the beauty that is inside her. And i pray that whatever discouraging thoughts control her will perish. Lord that Your will be done in this girl's life, let Your Glory shine through her. AMEN

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