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Pray for me and Anthonys two friends, Jen, Chris' & Alex

Ok, my friend, Jen left a note for me and Anthony telling us she stopped by but I was in school and Anthony was at work. So I kept getting a feeling something happened that would want us to come over and it did but a week ago ok, so Chris' sister and her girl moved out because the dog, Masconye bite Jen like a ring around her leg. The dog is a pitbull. I was like oh my goodness and she had to go to the hospital. So Chris' sister kept saying smart stuff to Jen. Chris and Jen are a couple. But I did have a feeling that one we didn't live there anymore that someone else was going to get into a fight or something like that because a lot of stuff that was happening there was not for God and he doesn't like it.

My prayer for them to keep the house up as far as cleaning and the bills because they live there and Chris' brother too. Also pray for Jen's leg heal from the dog bites she has on her leg. Also pray for Chris because he is having surgery for his knee because he has fluid in it!

That was a blessing to hear that yesterday and I stayed there all night last night!

So keep Jen, Chris and the kids (Chris and Alexis) in your prayers!

I am proud of Jen that she is starting school too!

Love, Diana31483
They have another one

But it is sick in the hospital so hopefully it will get better and go home to Jen and Chris.
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I will pray for your friends sister. GOD will make things right